Interest Rates Update

We share the latest bank home loan interest rates update here.

Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost 2023

Zero Moving Cost 2023 I find Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost Home loan is one of the most competitive home loan packages in the market right now. In my previous article, I wrote about Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia - Is this a better choice?. In the article, I shared about two most [...]


Kadang-kadang ada yang keliru bila diajukan, “Berapakah kadar faedah pinjaman perumahan anda?” Ramai yang akan jawab, “ Rasanya dalam 2.52% or 2.0 something.” Bila kami menanyakan soalan ini, selalunya kami ingin memastikan kadar faedah yang dikenakan adalah tidak terlalu tinggi/rendah ataupun ingin memastikan samaada langkah refinance adalah sesuai untuk anda atau tidak. Bila jawapan [...]

What happens when OPR increases? The real impact on us.

I believe in continuously monitoring the country's interest rates, and sometimes I will monitor US interest rates.  As we all know, the US interest rate will affect the world that includes us, including Malaysia. So, whatever happens there, it will eventually impact here too. In my 20s, I don't care about interest rates, maybe [...]

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Standardised Base Rate

In this article, we cover the basic thing you should know about Standardised Base Rate (SBR) that was implemented in early august 2022 by Bank Negara Malaysia. Standardised Base Rate (SBR) is a new framework introduced by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on 1st August 2022.  The new introduction of Standardised Base Rate (SBR) [...]

How To Reduce Housing Loan Interest? with OCBC Home Loan 2023

We have a long-time client, and she asked How To Reduce Housing Loan Interest? She has a home loan account with OCBC bank.So, how do you reduce housing loan interest? Well. I'd say there are many ways out there, but before you decide which to use, it's essential to get to know the product itself.In [...]

BNM Increases the OPR from a record low of 1.75% to 2.00%

How will it impact your home loan? Read this article to understand more. On May 11th 2022, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) increased the overnight policy rate by 25 basis points to 2% from a record low of 1.75% as global inflationary pressures have risen sharply. The OPR at 1.75% is the lowest on record, [...]

Best Home Loan Rates – OCBC Home Loan Interest Rate 3.00%

Best Home Loan Rates Exciting news!! We have The Best Home Loan Rate Malaysia to announce today.We do love when there is a new Home Loan promotion, and we know you will too. OCBC announced a New OCBC Home Loan Promotion. And they have limited quota on this. Currently, the OCBC Home Loan Promotion [...]


Base Rate Malaysia If you have a home loan, you know how important is the Base Rate, Base Lending Rate, and Base Financing Rate. Any changes that come from Over Night Policy Rate will have a direct effect on Base Rate, Base Lending Rate, and Base Financing Rate. And any changes from Base Rate, [...]

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How To Get 4.16% Home Loan Interest Rates?

In the last quarter, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) reduced the Overnight Rate (OPR) to 3%, and this is good because every bank in town started to reduce their Base Lending Rate (BLR) or Base Rate (BR). And because of this our home loan installment has reduced and we're getting an insanely low home loan [...]

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