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Lima Cara Bijak Untuk Refinance Rumah 2022

Refinance Rumah 2022 Sekiranya anda membuat pertimbangkan untuk Refinance Rumah bagi mendapatkan duit tambahan bagi menyelesaikan pinjaman peribadi, kredit kad, pengubahansuaian rumah atau untuk bantuan perubatan dan sebagainya. Refinance Rumah: Apakah Ia Dan Mengapa Anda Perlukannya Bacalah Artikel "5 cara bijak untuk refinance rumah 2022." Mungkin ramai yang ingin refinance rumah tetapi tidak tahu [...]

How To Reduce Housing Loan Interest? with OCBC Home Loan 2022

We have a long-time client, and she asked How To Reduce Housing Loan Interest? She has a home loan account with OCBC bank. So, how do you reduce housing loan interest? Well. I'd say there are many ways out there, but before you decide which to use, it's essential to get to know the [...]

Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost 2022

Zero Moving Cost 2022 I find Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost Home loan is one of the most competitive home loan packages in the market right now. In my previous article, I wrote about Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia - Is this a better choice?. In the article, I shared about two most [...]

How To Choose The Best Home Loan?

When it comes to home loan packages, we all want the best. Who isn't right? We will window shop from one bank to another to choose the best home loan package. If we can dream, I guess the best home loan package will be like this. We want the lowest interest rates in the [...]

Stamp Duty Malaysia 2022

Stamp Duty Malaysia 2022 Budget 2021 was an exciting announcement and we think one of the biggest winners are under Property and Housing. A lot of goodies for first-time house buyer and next year will be the best time to search and buy a house. The Stamp Duty Malaysia 2022 exemption for first-time house [...]

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2022 – Love and Affection Property Transfer

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2022 Recently, we received lots of queries about the transfer of property between family members. So today we're going to share some insight on this topic and hopefully will give you clarity and answer your questions. We are going to touch specifically the transfer of property [...]

Do you take MRTA when applying for a home loan?

Normally, people take MRTA when applying for a home loan. And why is that?If you do, I think you should read this post.When a borrower applies for a home loan with the bank, the bank will require the borrower to get an MRTA.In exchange, the borrower will get better interest rates. This is quite common [...]

Stamp Duty & Legal Fees For Purchasing A House 2022

Sale And Purchase Agreement Legal Fees 2022 SPA, Stamp Duty, And Legal Fees For Malaysian Property The schedule below as a reference of stamp duty and legal fees when purchasing a house. Latest Update - 2022 Professional Legal Fees: For The First RM500,000.00 - 1.0% (Subject to a minimum fee of RM500.00) For The [...]

Cara Kira Kos Duti Setem Rumah| Duti Setem Rumah Pertama| Stamp Duty Malaysia 2022

Stamp Duty Malaysia 2022 Hi Semua, Minggu ini Melissa akan berkongsi mengenai Duti Setem (stamp duty) semasa membeli rumah. Ramai yang masih keliru mengenai duti setem rumah oleh itu Melissa harap dengan video ini dapat membantu anda semua. Dalam Video ini Melissa akan berbicara mengenai... a. Apa itu Duti Setem Rumah b. Siapa [...]

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