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Do you take MRTA when applying for a home loan?

Normally, people take MRTA when applying for a home loan. And why is that?If you do, I think you should read this post.When a borrower applies for a home loan with the bank, the bank will require the borrower to get an MRTA.In exchange, the borrower will get better interest rates. This is quite common [...]

Lima Cara Bijak Untuk Refinance Rumah 2021

Refinance Rumah 2021 Sekiranya anda membuat pertimbangkan untuk Refinance Rumah bagi mendapatkan duit tambahan bagi menyelesaikan pinjaman peribadi, kredit kad, pengubahansuaian rumah atau untuk bantuan perubatan dan sebagainya. Refinance Rumah: Apakah Ia Dan Mengapa Anda Perlukannya Bacalah Artikel "5 cara bijak untuk refinance rumah 2021." Mungkin ramai yang ingin refinance rumah tetapi tidak tahu [...]


HOW TO CALCULATE HOME LOAN INTEREST? Have you ever wonder how the bank is charging you home loan interest? In this article, I try to give you a glimpse on how the home loan interest works. When you accepted a loan facility with a bank, regardless of a home loan, car loan, personal loan, [...]


Di Malaysia kita mempunyai lebih kurang 20 buah bank untuk membuat pinjaman perumahan. Dan salah satu pinjaman perumahan yang popular ialah refinance rumah. Hari ini kita nak bercakap sedikit tentang refinance rumah dengan Bank Rakyat. Ada sesetengah orang memang suka Bank Rakyat sebab kelulusan yang agak fleksible berbanding bank lain.DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOANSelain refinance rumah, Bank [...]

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2021 – Love and Affection Property Transfer

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2021 Recently, we received lots of queries about the transfer of property between family members. So today we're going to share some insight on this topic and hopefully will give you clarity and answer your questions. We are going to touch specifically the transfer of property [...]

What Is The Difference Between Remortgage And Refinance?

Question: Hi, I have a house. The house is fully paid for. Now, I want to get financing for the home. What is the cost that I need to pay? And what is remortgage vs refinance? Answer: A remortgage is when your house has fully paid up, and now you want to get new [...]

The difference between CCRIS & CTOS?

The difference between CCRIS and CTOS report is the information provided by both reports. CCRIS report has limited information provided and limited to all the loans provided by the banks in Malaysia. The CTOS report has a more comprehensive range of information that includes all the information in CCRIS, some other telecommunication companies, water [...]


We all want to get the best Home Loan package. And it can be done through a simple understanding of own desires. I love the topic of Home Loan, but let's be honest, it gets overwhelming sometimes. Articles tell us to choose based on interest rates; the lowest the interest rate, the better it [...]

3rd Housing Loan Story

We have one client; let call him Mr Sham (not his real name). Mr Sham wants to buy a house in Shah Alam, and he has been dealing directly with the Seller. So, he came to us to advise buying the house and how to go about it. At the same time, he wants to [...]


If buying a new home is on your mind this year, it is critical to understand the property stamp duty and how you can get a stamp duty exemption, especially for a first-time house buyer Stamp Duty To Purchase A Property PROPERTY PRICE RATES For the first RM100,000 1.0% From RM100,001 to RM500,000 [...]

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