In the last quarter, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) reduced the Overnight Rate (OPR) to 3%, and this is good because every bank in town started to reduce their Base Lending Rate (BLR) or Base Rate (BR).

And because of this our home loan installment has reduced and we’re getting an insanely low home loan interest rate.

So, what is the lowest home loan interest rates right now?
Okay, by looking at the title. You know it is 4.16% (BR 3.52% + 0.64%) .

Besides, this interest rate is for the whole tenure with no lock-in period. And No MRTA.

Wow! that’s something we don’t see every day.
Low interest rates
NO lock-in period

There may be a case of 4.15% in the market. We don’t know.
But, we can say 4.16 %, because the home loan interest rate was an offer to one of our client.

So, how to get this insanely low home loan interest rates?
Maybe we can study this case to know how exactly he got such fantastic interest rates.
1. His loan amount is RM1.80mio.
2. His income is more than RM45k per month.
3. He has good repayment with other banks.
4. He works at a reputable company overseas.
5. His financial profile is strong.
6. The property location is a prime area.

Okay, let said your loan amount is not as significant as him.
But if your loan is above RM300,000 and your income is more than RM5k, with a good repayment.

The following interest rates might interest you.
1st year 4.10% ( BR 3.83% + 0.27% )
After that 4.20% ( BR 3.83% +0.37% )

If you’re interested, pick up your phone and give us a call. We will introduce the banker to you.

Before we go, my last advice.

Never compare your home loan interest rate before the home loan approval.
You should submit your application, get it approved, and then negotiate for your interest rates, not before that.
If you negotiate beforehand, you are wasting time because the most bank interest rate will depend on the client profile.

You need to submit the loan application for the bank to determine you under which category profile. Usually, a good profile client will get a good interest rate.

So, that’s about it from us today.
Good luck!

The above interest rates are subject to bank’s approval and terms and conditions apply. It’s also subject to limited period only.

Melissa Lee
Online Mortgage Consultant
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