Stamp Duty & Legal Fees

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2024 – Love and Affection Property Transfer

Transfer of Property Between Family Members in Malaysia 2024 Recently, we've noticed a significant increase in inquiries about transfers of Property between family members here in Malaysia. Understanding the importance of this topic, we're eager to share insights that will hopefully clear up any confusion and answer your queries. Today's discussion is especially relevant [...]

Lawyer Fees For Buying A House (New changes 2024!)

Understand the essential aspects of lawyer fees for buying a house with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the old and new structures of fees, how to calculate them, and their impact on your overall budget. Make informed decisions with your knowledge form this article. Owning a house is a dream for many individuals, and [...]

Year 2024 Stamp Duty Malaysia Exemption

If you are looking to buy a house and this is your first house, you should know there is a new stamp duty exemption coming your way. Read this article. The Budget 2021 was approved, and it has included a list of National Budgetary requests in that Budget, including a new stamp duty exemption [...]

Stamp Duty In Malaysia 2024

If buying a new home is on your mind this year, it is critical to understand the property stamp duty and how you can get a stamp duty exemption, especially for a first-time house buyer. In this article – Stamp duty Malaysia, we will dive deep into Stamp duty in Malaysia to better understand [...]

Property stamp duty fee Malaysia for RM500k and RM550k year 2024

Question: Hi, what would the property stamp duty fee be if it includes stamp duty exemption for purchase price RM500k and RM550k? Thanks in advance. Answer: Hi N, thanks for the question. Here is The Property Stamp Duty in Malaysia scale. For the first RM100,000, 1% From RM100,001 to RM500,000, 2% From [...]

First Time Home Buyer Malaysia 2024 (Must read)

What should you know before buying a house in 2024? Every year, around this time ( end of the year ), you might start to feel a little panicky. Everyone's got an opinion on you, your job, income, marital status (if you're still single, enjoy your life!) and blah blah blah... The typical questions [...]

Kos Beli Rumah Subsale 2024

Pernah tak anda terfikir, jika anda membeli rumah subsale, berapakah kos beli rumah subsale tersebut? Jika anda tidak pasti, mungkin artikel ini dapat membantu anda. Soalan: Hi.. Jika harga rumah subsale RM420k selain 10% Deposit, berapa lagi kos (cash) yang perlu dikeluarkan bagi first time home buyer. Is there any exemption selain Stamp Duty? [...]

Legal Fees For Loan Agreement 2024

Do you know the Legal Fees For Loan Agreement can be financed in the loan? This means you can finance the Legal Fees, and not only that, but you can finance other fees like stamp duty, valuation fees, and mortgage insurance too. When it comes to buying a house in Malaysia, most of [...]

How To Calculate Stamp Duty in 2024?

Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer We're about to welcome 2024. And 2024 is going to be an exciting year for property market because some expert said the property market is crushing next year and some said it won't. Regardless which, we want you to prepare for the stamp duty information for the [...]

3 Important Things To Check Before Signing Bank Letter Offer 2024

I believe in reading all documents signed. Notably, the one that has only less than ten pages to read. So, today I want to share my understanding of the Bank's letter offer with you. Bank Letter Offer is the document that you sign right after your bank loan is approved. After approval, the banker [...]

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