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Public Bank Housing Loan Interest Rates

Today, we are sharing the new Public Bank Housing Loan Interest Rates. We believe this is one of the lowest home loan interest rates in the market right now.

Public Bank Housing Loan Interest Rates are applicable for refinancing and buying a new home customer.

Why People love Public Bank?

The thing we love about Public Bank is how generous they are when offering their home loan interest rates. Public Bank is one of the banks in Malaysia that always offering lower interest rates.

They have outstanding and superb performance as well.

Their over-the-counter services have always been praised, and don’t forget they are one of the first banks that offer moratorium to their client before the central bank enforced it on all the banks.

The Downside of Public Bank

However, the downside of the Public Bank housing loan is the bank makes it compulsory for you to buy a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) when applying for a home loan. But, the MRTA can be financed with the bank loan.

Also, the bank doesn’t allow for financing of the Bank’s Loan Agreement fee and valuation fee. That means a borrower will need to fork out the money upfront, which about 3% of the loan amount.

If these two things don’t bother you, then Public Bank Housing Loan is quite a catch.

Here are some of the details of the Public Bank Home Loan Packages and features.

Public Bank Housing Loan Interest Rates

The Best Home Loan Rate Malaysia

Interest Rates


BR 2.27 + 0.63% = 2.90%

**Special Approval rates up to BR 2.27% + 0.63% = 2.90%

** Subject to special terms and conditions by the bank.

Margin Of Finance ( MOF) :

For Refinance and Subsale : Max up to 90% + 5% compulsory MRTA

Under construction: Max up to 90%, but subject to project end financing approval.

Min Loan Amount :


Tenure :

Up to 35 years

Product Package:

For Conventional & Islamic Loan

Lock-in period:

3 years for Conventional Loan

No lock-in period for Islamic Loan

Date Campaign End:

Until further notice.

Applicable to all Refinancing, Sub sales, and Under Construction cases.

**The above home loan package is subject to the bank’s approval, and Public Bank has the right to change it without prior notice.

Terms and conditions apply.

And if you’re interested in applying for Public Bank Housing Loan, please call us at 012-6946746, and we will introduce you to the most friendly Public Bank Sales Officer.



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