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Love And Affection Transfer Malaysia 2023

Love and Affection Transfer Malaysia 2023 Love and Affection Transfer, a vital process in the realm of property transfers between immediate family members, has recently seen significant revisions in its governing laws. These changes, primarily in stamp duty exemptions, reflect the government's commitment to facilitating property transfers within families, emphasizing the principles of love [...]

Calculating Your Housing Loan in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the best housing loan options in Malaysia with our comprehensive guide. Learn about interest rates, eligibility criteria, and key steps to secure your dream home. Navigate the world of home loans confidently with our expert advice Are you considering buying a house in Malaysia? Congratulations on taking this exciting step toward homeownership! However, [...]

Cara Semak CCRIS dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Pinjaman Rumah Anda

Pelajari cara untuk semak CCRIS dan pengaruhnya terhadap pinjaman rumah anda. Dapatkan tips dan nasihat bagaimana mengurus tunggakan hutang dan memperbaiki profil kredit anda untuk memastikan permohonan pinjaman rumah berjaya. Jangan biarkan tunggakan hutang menggangu impian rumah anda! Apa Itu CCRIS Dan Kenapa Ia Penting? Dalam dunia pinjaman, ada satu perkara yang sangat penting [...]

MRTA vs MRTT: Simplifying The Complexities For Homeowner

Discover the differences between MRTA vs MRTT in our comprehensive guide. Learn how these mortgage protection tools can safeguard your family from financial burdens, make an informed choice based on your property financing type, and understand the claim process when refinancing. Get the peace of mind every Malaysian homeowner deserves. Owning a dream home [...]

Lawyer Fees For Buying A House (New changes 2023!)

Understand the essential aspects of lawyer fees for buying a house with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the old and new structures of fees, how to calculate them, and their impact on your overall budget. Make informed decisions with your knowledge form this article. Owning a house is a dream for many individuals, and [...]

Yuran Guaman Beli Rumah: Apa yang Anda Perlu Tahu

Panduan lengkap untuk memahami yuran guaman beli rumah - apa yang ia merangkumi, bagaimana ia dikira dan mengapa ia penting dalam proses pembelian rumah. Semua yang anda perlu tahu tentang yuran guaman untuk membuat keputusan pembelian rumah yang lebih bijak dan berinformasi. Memiliki rumah sendiri adalah impian setiap individu, dan proses membeli rumah adalah [...]

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Buying Property With Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Buying property with girlfriend or boyfriend is like the perfect next step in your relationship. Hold on a sec though. Read this first. Are you thinking about buying a property with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Before you dive in, let's have a chat about some stuff you should be aware of, especially with how [...]

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Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia 2023 – Is this a better choice?

Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia is a home loan package where the bank absorbs all the moving costs. The moving cost included legal fees, stamp duty, disbursement fees, and valuation fees. Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia is one of the available home loan packages, other than the Finance Entry Cost and Non-Finance [...]

Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost 2023

Zero Moving Cost 2023 I find Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost Home loan is one of the most competitive home loan packages in the market right now. In my previous article, I wrote about Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia - Is this a better choice?. In the article, I shared about two most [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zero Moving Cost Home Loan 2023

( When buying a house or refinance your home) If you read my earlier article "How Much You Need To Buy A House In Malaysia?", You'll understand that buying a house will cost a lot. Based on the article, you will need about 17% of purchase price to cover all the costs. However, if [...]

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