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Things You Need To Know Before Doing Refinance Home Loan 2024

Welcome back to another article about refinancing a home loan. This week, we will talk about Things You Need To Know Before Doing Refinance Home Loan. Typically, people doing refinance to settle their debts and get some cash out from it. But, before you go ahead with a refinance home loan, we would suggest [...]

Home Refinance: Can a house that is only two years old be refinanced?

Have you ever wonder if you can do a home refinancing for property less than two years? What is Home Refinancing? Home refinancing is a process where a homeowner applies for a new loan from a different bank to pay off an existing home loan.  This process is usually done to obtain a lower [...]

What Are The Steps Of Refinancing Your Home in 2024?

What Are The Steps Of Refinancing Your Home? 90% of people refinancing because they need money. They need money to repay bad debts, to renovate a house, to buy a house, to start a business, to buy a car, to fund their children education; it can be any reason. The least essential reasons are [...]

HOW TO APPLY FOR REFINANCING? (Straight forward version )

HOW TO APPLY FOR REFINANCING? (Straight forward version ) 1. Approach Malaysia Housing Loan consultant Mr. David at 0126946746. 2. We will go through your financial and property background. 3. Determine whether should you proceed for refinancing now or later. IF NOT TO PROCEED NOW. 1. We will offer free advise and steps you [...]

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What Happen When Interest Rates Go Up?

Hi, Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Recently, there was an increased in Overnight Policy Rates, from 3% to 3.25%. How many of you feel the heat of the increment? I guess almost everyone that has a house and still mortgaging the property to the bank will have a significant impact. Earlier this [...]

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Borrow RM733,500 and Pay RM3,165,108.84!! (4x times more from original loan)

Have you ever come across with a home loan offer that Purchase Price by the bank is RM733,500 ( loan amount) Selling Price By The Bank is RM3,165,108.84 ( interest + principal, calculated based on maximum capped profit rate) In this case, the capped rate is 10% p.a Tenure 504 months @ 42 years [...]

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