What Are The Steps Of Refinancing Your Home?

90% of people refinancing because they need money. They need money to repay bad debts, to renovate a house, to buy a house, to start a business, to buy a car, to fund their children education; it can be any reason.

The least essential reasons are also to get a good interest rate, to lower their installment (if possible) or to change bank (they hate their existing bank).?

When one day you decide to refinance your property, it good to at least understand the process before taking the first step.

So, today we’re going to talk briefly about – What Are The Steps Of Refinancing Your Home?

1. Identify your purpose of Refinancing.
2. Let’s the bank check the property market value, check your eligibility for a loan and estimate how much cash out you’ll get.
3. If the cash out is okay, go ahead and submit your documents to the banks. Try at least three banks.
4. Once approved, identify the best bank’s offer. Compare things like cash out, interest rates, tenure, penalty, product offer, etc.
5. If the Bank Letter Offer looks good, go ahead and sign.
6. Arrange the signing of a loan agreement with a bank lawyer as soon as possible.
7. Set an appointment with the bank valuer for the property site visit.
8. Often check with bank and lawyer on the progress.
9. After a few months, the bank will release the 1st part of the loan. The 1st part will fully settle the outstanding home loan you have with the existing bank.
10. After the 1st release, you should start paying your installment with the new bank and stop paying the old bank. And a lot of people might overlook this.
11. One or one and half months later, the bank will release the balance cash out.
12. Now, You can now enjoy your cash out and make use of the money for whatever purpose you serve.

And be smart with your money! ?

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Melissa Lee
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