HOW TO APPLY FOR REFINANCING? (Straight forward version )

1. Approach Malaysia Housing Loan consultant Mr. David at 0126946746.
2. We will go through your financial and property background.
3. Determine whether should you proceed for refinancing now or later.


1. We will offer free advise and steps you can do to improve your personal profile.
2. Advise like fully settled individual loans to make your financial profile looks good Or how to increase your approval chances.


1. We will brief you on the process.
2. Calculate your eligibility.
3. Evaluate your profile and recommend a few banks that suit your profile.
4. The bankers will get in touch with you.
5. They will calculate your entitlement for the loan.
6. If you agree to apply, prepare some documents for the home loan application.
7. You will submit your documents directly to the banks.
8. Once approved, choose the best banks and accept their offer.
9. Bank will issue letter instruction to the Loan lawyer to prepare the loan documents.
10. You will sign the loan agreement.
11. Bank valuer will get in touch with you to site visit the property.
12. Bank valuer will send in a complete valuation report to the bank.
13. Loan lawyer will do the necessary steps to advise the bank to release the loan.
14. Bank will disburse to the existing bank.
15. The existing bank will release some of the old documents back and closed the loan account.
16. You need to start paying instalment to the new bank and stop paying instalment to the existing bank.
17. The following advice will be out approximately one to one and a half month from the first disbursement.
18. Bank disburse for the second time. The cash is out.
19. And I believe you will use the money wisely ?
20. Get a copy of the new loan agreement and the original old documents from the lawyer.

Yes. That is the short version of refinancing steps.

Hope you guys understand ?


Melissa Lee
Online Mortgage Consultant
0126946746 (David)

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