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Calculating Your Housing Loan in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the best housing loan options in Malaysia with our comprehensive guide. Learn about interest rates, eligibility criteria, and key steps to secure your dream home. Navigate the world of home loans confidently with our expert advice Are you considering buying a house in Malaysia? Congratulations on taking this exciting step toward homeownership! However, [...]

Reassessing Your Home Loan: A Smart Way to Save on Bank Interest with Home Refinancing

In this piece, we'll provide some tips on how to cut down on bank interest rates. One effective way to achieve this is through home refinancing. In this era of economic uncertainty, many individuals opt for home refinancing to maintain their financial well-being.  So, the golden question is, how can this be done efficiently?  [...]

Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost 2023

Zero Moving Cost 2023 I find Standard Chartered Zero Moving Cost Home loan is one of the most competitive home loan packages in the market right now. In my previous article, I wrote about Zero Moving Cost Home Loan Malaysia - Is this a better choice?. In the article, I shared about two most [...]


Kami mempunyai pengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun dalam bidang pinjaman rumah. Dari bidang Sales & Marketing ke bahagian documentation dan disbursement.Lama kerja kat bank dulu. Semasa kami membuat online consultation, anda hanya perlu memberi maklumat seperti income dan commitment bulanan dan kami dapat memberitahu anda bank yang mana lebih sesuai untuk profile anda. Anda [...]

Need Help Getting Approved with Clean CCRIS?

Home loans are one of the most common types of loans most individuals apply to own their homes. Recently, the topic of clean CCRIS has often emerged and become a hot topic of conversation. Is it true that borrowers with clean CCRIS cannot get approval? The answer is Yes and No. There are many [...]

Tak boleh buat Clean CCRIS ?

Pinjaman rumah merupakan satu daripada jenis pinjaman yang biasa dipohon oleh kebanyakan individu untuk memiliki rumah sendiri. Akhir-akhir ini, topik CCRIS yang bersih (clean CCRIS) sering kali timbul dan menjadi perbualan hangat.Betul atau tidak peminjam yang mempunyai clean CCRIS tidak boleh mendapat kelulusan? Jawapannya, Ya dan Tidak.Terdapat banyak faktor yang perlu diambil kira sebelum memohon pinjaman [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Loans in Malaysia: Which Option Is Right for You?

When it comes to buying a home in Malaysia, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is finding the right home loan option.  With so many home loan products available, choosing the one that's best for you can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll take a closer look at four popular types of home [...]

How Do I Know If I Can Get A Housing Loan? 2023

To get an approval from bank, you first must understand the bank’s standard approval criteria. Generally, bank will look at following criteria. 1) Borrower employment background Bank will prefer if customer working in Multi National Company (MNC) and working for more than 2 years. It’s show stability in employment and income. However, it doesn’t [...]

Korang Wajib Tahu Dengan Jenis-jenis Home Loan Yang Ada

Korang wajib tahu dengan jenis-jenis home loan yang ada. Ada full flexi, ada semi-flexi, dan ada basic term loan. Orang buat bisnes dan ada banyak lebihan duit bulanan ambil Full-flexi loan, supaya lebihan duit boleh simpan dalam akaun semasa untuk kurangkan interest home loan. Duit dalam akaun simpanan tadi, kita boleh keluar semula. Principal [...]

Spending Money On Things That Matters

A little while ago, I read this article about spending money. And it makes me think, where do we splurge the most from our income. Some people might spend on buying a fancy car, buying a house, traveling, children education, monthly medication and etc. A while ago, I took times to review our financial [...]

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