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Spending Money On Things That Matters

A little while ago, I read this article about spending money. And it makes me think, where do we splurge the most from our income. Some people might spend on buying a fancy car, buying a house, traveling, children education, monthly medication and etc. A while ago, I took times to review our financial [...]

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What Happen To Home Loan Interest Rate When OPR Decrease?

I was missing from writing these few weeks because I need to take care of my mom (she just had surgery) and at the same time both of us, my husband and I, we fall sick. So, it's a challenging time for us. But, now I'm back and we do have so much content [...]

Valuation Report

Valuation Report is a report issued by a valuer firm to a bank to confirm the actual market value of a property. A submission of Valuation Report is required for a completed property. A bank requires submission of a valuation report for any property that is completed regardless of buying from a developer, property [...]


This week video consists of questions that we commonly received from our client or audience. Hopefully, this video will help you in buying a house or getting a home loan from a bank. Home Loan Tips: Question and Answer 1. One Tip For First Time House Buyers 2. How Much Money Do You [...]


I’ve been thinking lately ... how do certain people reach great success in life? I’m not just talking about material/financial success. Also, the success of having an amazing family, friends, relationship, peace with themselves, joy, having purpose, etc. Ultimately, it all comes down to mindset and belief that those things are possible and can [...]

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Existing home loan interest rates, which one is yours? Less than 4.20% - Wow! You're holding the cheapest interest rates. Less than 4.39% - You have a more competitive home loan interest rate. Less than 4.70% - You have a more reasonable home loan interest rate. Less than 5.00% - Try to explore [...]

Who likes to be rejected?

There's one customer who was so skeptical to apply for a loan after being rejected multiple times. Totally understandable. Who likes to be rejected? The thing is if you have higher debts compare to your income, the chances are higher for the bank to turn you down. As long as you kept the [...]

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Langsaikan hutang rumah dalam 10 tahun!

PERNAHKAH anda dengar rakan-rakan anda berkata: “Aku sudah bayar hutang rumah lima tahun, tapi baki hutang macam tidak berkurangan,” atau mungkinkah anda juga merasai pengalaman yang sama? Saya pernah dulu menanggung hutang rumah seba­nyak RM200,000. Setiap bulan saya bayar RM10,050. Tetapi selepas lima tahun saya bayar hutang rumah saya, baki hutang rumah masih lagi [...]

哇!快学起来!大家必知! MRTA vs MLTA 的分别

MRTA vs MLTA 分别 MRTA MLTA 不辛事故发生(死亡或终身残废), 保额是直接赔给银行。 不辛事故发生(死亡或终身残废), 保额是可赔给指定受益人。 保额根据贷款而减少。 保额保持。 不能转移(再融资Refinancing 或第二间屋子) 可以转移(再融资Refinancing 或第二间屋子) 保费是一次过給的。一般是算在跟行貸款,但需要給利息。 保费可分期如年,半年,三个月或每个月。 没有现金价值(Cash Value), 半途断保, 可能拿回退保价值(Surrender Value), 视公司条款而定。 有现金价值(Cash Value) 。 可提早领取退保价值(Surrender Value) 来提早还清房屋贷款。 (有些MLTA的退款保价值是有保证的) 保障-借款人自然死亡/病逝和终身残废 *没包括36种疾病 保障-借款人自然死亡/病逝和终身残废, *可以追加36种疾病(相对的保费也会提高) 收益人- 银行 收益人-可以放家人当收益人   保费较低 保费较高   If you think this is helpful, feel free to share it [...]

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