A little while ago, I read this article about spending money.

And it makes me think, where do we splurge the most from our income.

Some people might spend on buying a fancy car, buying a house, traveling, children education, monthly medication and etc.

A while ago, I took times to review our financial portfolio and realize that we do spend a lot of money on investment like properties, unit trust, and savings.

Occasionally, we splurge on traveling too.

And on daily expenses, we do spend a lot on food. It can be by eating out or cooking at home.

Lately, I was thinking of changing my 9 years old car. I was so tempted to change a new car as we’re doing well now.

But, I can’t find a reasonable justification for me to spend money on a new car.

So, I start to ask myself.
Why do I need a new car?

Paused. A long time.
I can’t find any.

Instead, I find more reasons why I should stay with my existing car.

1. My old car is still in good shape. We’re still able to use it for a long distance drive.

2. We have a 7-seater seat car. It’s sufficient for the whole family to use this car to travel.

3. We’re running our online business that requires less on the road.

4. We do not need to own a fancy car to impress anyone. We are happy where we are.
Personally, a career that requires you to buy a fancy car to attract your client or anyone is totally BS for me.

5. RM80k to RM100k for another new car, for no reason or to feel good? I don’t know. It’s not us.

6. Worst of all, we don’t travel daily like people with a 9-5 job. We work comfortably from our home office. Even if we do, we used to GRAB.

So, why the need for the new car? None.

For us, as long as it’s still kicking, comfortable utmost, and it can bring us anywhere in Malaysia. We’re okay.

Oh yeah, one thing we spend a lot of money on is our business.

As Gary Vee said, you got to invest your money back to the things that grow that money in the first place. And for us, our business.

We invested back to our business by getting a powerful computer, monitors, pieces of equipment, software and hardware. And most importantly, a good smartphone.

I think there is no right or wrong about this. As long as you spend it wisely and prudently.

Just my two cents.


Melissa Lee
Online Mortgage Consultant

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