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How Much Is The Stamp Duty? | Stamp Duty When Buying A House | House Buyer Guide

Stamp Duty When Buying A House 2024 Buying a house has been unequivocally one of the hottest topics that being discussed by Malaysian. Most Malaysian are hopeful to at least own a house one day. But, how many of us know the process of buying a house? To be honest, it can be a [...]

Stamp Duty Question & Answer

Stamp Duty Question & Answer Client Question: Me & my wife plan to buy a property at BM, Penang, with price 435k on July’19, she is a 1st-time buyer but not for me, will entitle stamp duty exemption? Answer: Yes, there is. Only 50% of the property. If the property value is RM435,000, 50% [...]

Property Stamp Duty 2020 Question & Answer

Property Stamp Duty 2019 Question & Answer Client Question: A property SPA was signed in May 2019 and purchased price RM2.555mio, how much will be the amount of Stamp Duty for MOT? (Not under Home Ownership Campaign - HOC) Answer: The property stamp duty for property price RM2.55 mio are as follow : If [...]

Home Loan Question & Answer (auction house) Stamp Suty

Home Loan Question & Answer Client Question : Hi, I would like to know if I’m buying auction house did I still can get the exemption for stamp duty? MHL Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question and it is an excellent question. If you're a first-time house buyer and buying an auction property, the [...]

Home Loan Question & Answer

Home Loan Question & Answer Client Question : 1) I bought a property since last year December, and I am a first-time buyer. Am I qualify to apply for the stamp duty exemption? 2) If yes, what should I do & where can I apply this? MHL Answer: Hi, Thanks for your questions. If [...]

Stamp Duty Changes After 1st July 2019

If you're going to buy a house after 1st July 2019, I'd suggest reading till the end of the article. There are a few Stamp Duty Exemption will be ended by 30th June 2019. And there are a few will be started effective 1st July 2019. So, let's talk about the one that will [...]

Is first-time house buyer buying RM450,000 property price entitles for stamp duty exemption?

Client Question: Hi, If I buy property price 450k SUB SALE first timer. Am I entitle for the exemption of stamp duty? MHL Answer: This year there is two stamp duty exemption for a first-time house buyer. The difference between these two exemptions is the property price. The first exemption. 1. If you buy [...]

Is it true that the transfer of ownership has to be done after five years of staying in the property?

Client Question: Is it true that the transfer of ownership has to be done after five years of staying in the property? How much is the stamp duty? MHL Answer: Once the property completed, the transfer of ownership can be done. However, there is a specific house like under 1Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA) program [...]

Pengecualian Duti Setem Untuk Pembeli Rumah Pertama (Dibawah Kempen Pemilikan Rumah)

Fakta-Fakta Penting: 1.Tawaran ini hanya sah untuk rakyat Malaysia, bagi jualan yang dimuktamadkan antara Januari sehingga Jun 2019 untuk projek perumahan yang diberikan diskaun sekurang-kurangnya 10% dan disahkan oleh REHDA. 2.Pengecualian duti setem ke atas surat cara pindah milik bagi pembelian rumah kediaman yang bernilai melebihi RM300,000 hingga RM2.5 juta. Pengecualian duti setem 100% [...]

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