I want the best home loan.
I want a cheaper interest rate.

I can hear my client saying this all the time.

Aren’t all of us want that?

Ideally, we want a low price with the most high-quality product.
The best thing if it FREE. Cost us nothing.

Is that even possible?
But people want what they want.

I’m going to tell you a story.
My story.

Durian Story 1.

Last week, my father in law came back from the morning market, and he was so excited.

In his excited voice, ” Mel, the Durian is so cheap! It’s only RM15 for 101 durians. Do you want to buy it?”

Me being me, a Durian fanatic, I said,” Hell Yeah!”
I handed him RM100.

When he came back, he handed over the balance; it’s cost about RM45 in total. We get a few durians. By the look of the quantity of the durians, it worth every RM.

So, I started by taking one piece of the Durian and put in my mouth.
I paused. Oh, my god, the Durian is half ripe. Almost 60% of it.

Suddenly it hit me; now I know why it cost us this price.

Moral of the story, You buy things with a lower price, you’ll get a lower quality. That happens most of the time. Isn’t it?

Durian Story 2.
After the first durian incident, I was determined to spend more on eating durian fiasco.

So, we decided to walk into a Durian hawker stall and get the best durians.

In my heart, I’m willing to spend more on an excellent quality durian since Blackthorn Durian has been in the news for the most expensive Durian right now with RM90 per kilogram.

I said, why not give it a try.

I asked for the blackthorn durian. The seller weight, it’s 1.85kilogram. Cost about RM165.

I said, okay. Let’s give it a try.

He opens the Durian, and I started to take one piece and put in my mouth.

After one bite, I stopped.
I tried to taste and enjoy the Durian.
For sure it’s different. Not a good different, but not a bad one either.

It tastes a little dry and not so creamy like Musang King Durian.

Do we like it? Nope. Not a bit.
What a waste of RM165.00?

So, to compensate for my disappointment. I ordered the best quality, Musang King. RM40 per kilogram. Creamy, delicious, and absolute heaven.

I am beyond satisfied ( That’s me in the pictures, so happy) — the damage RM350++.

So, what I learned from this story?

1. The best quality product not necessarily will cost more.
2. The most expensive product doesn’t mean the best quality.
3. The best quality can be different from one person to another.

I might think musang king is the best Durian, but another person will say Blackthorn Durian is the best.
The best quality is entirely subjective from one person to another.

You might thing Standard Chartered home loan the best, but another person might think Maybank home loan is the best.

So, we can’t determine what the best for you.
It only can be determined by you, you alone.
This is because you will know what is best for you.

So, what we can do for you?
We can explain the product to you.
Lay out the features and benefit.
The cost and price.
The Pro and Con.
The process and experiences we had with the banks.
The thing that the banker will not tell you.
The thing that people keep away from you.
That’s us. We are all transparent.

We want you to know that if you want an honest, experience and helpful advice. You can count on us.

Good Luck!


Melissa Lee
Online Home Loan Consultant
012-6946746 (David)

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