Happy Deepavali 2019 Malaysian!

For the next few days, Diwali will light up the capital as people celebrate good over evil. And every time Deepavali is around the corner, I will remember My Lamb Story.

When I was a kid, I had a close friend. She is an Indian, and she lives near to my house. We spent time a lot together and sometimes too much, and her mom will be angry as she will be home late.

Sometimes, her mom will nag her in front of me, and I felt being nagged too. ( chuckles )

But her mom is nice. She is a typical housewife that cares about the children whereabout and does all the things herself. A strong lady, I reckon. And a hardworking one.

Almost every Deepavali, I will be invited to the house, and I’d enjoy all the festive biscuits, Muruku, and curries.

Okay, don’t let me start with Muruku. I love them. I can be your best friend if you give me one. (chuckles)

So, the first time there. I was nervous and shy. And my friend’s mom offers me a lamb curry.

For people who know me, I don’t like Lamb. Lamb has this distinct smell and tastes that unbearable for me. At times, I can vomit by smelling it.

So, what should I do?
We were brought up, never say NO to a host. I was conflicted.

After much thought, I decided to take the lamb curry. I know it’s going to mean a lot to her mom since she been busting in the kitchen from the morning.

The lamb curry was served with rice, so I decided to cover the lamb smell with lots of rice. I took the first bites and prayed not to vomit.

And you know what? I didn’t.

Oppositely, I love the Lamb curry. It’s a delicious Lamb curry. The Lamb is so tender, and the curry is full of herbs and spices, and flavourful.No smell, it was cover well. Since then, I’m converted. I love Lamb.

Every Deepavali, I will look forward to her mom’s lamb curry. The best Lamb curry in the world for me.

As we were growing up, for some reason, we were apart. We no longer in touch. But, I will never forget her mom Lamb curry. This family has a place in my heart, and I hope they are doing well.

Yeah, that’s my lamb story. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Deepavali everyone, and have a lovely weekend!

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