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Other Refinancing Fees To Highlight 2024

1) Penalty Fees or Any Processing Fees Imposed By Existing Bank Before proceed for refinancing, we always advice our customer to check for penalty charges and any processing fees imposed by existing bank. Whether is your loan still within bonding period? If it’s still bonding period, customer should make decision whether to proceed or [...]

Why Do I Need Refinancing?

Many people refinance for many reasons, I will share the common reasons why people refinance their property. 1) Expensive Interest Rates We can presume every year, housing loan interest rate become lower and lower because of the competitive market. If you have the existing housing loan for a long time and never adjusted your [...]

What Fees Incurred when refinancing?

There are few fees incurred if you proceed for refinancing. However, the most important fees are able to finance together with the loan. Lawyer Fees, Stamp Duty and Disbursement Fees for Preparing of Loan agreement. These fees are allowed to be financed with the housing loan. However, still subject to bank’s approval. [...]

What Documents Are Required For Refinancing?

For Under Employment: (Meaning working with company or receive a fixed monthly income) 1. NRIC copy 2. Sales and Purchase Agreement / Title copy 3. Latest 3 months pay slips (For Basic Salary) / Latest 6 months pay slips (For Basic + Commission Earner) 4. Latest 3 months personal bank statement (For Basic Salary) / [...]

What Is Refinancing?

REFINANCING To understand how the process of refinancing, firstly you need to understand what is refinancing? I can use a “big word” or bank’s term to explain the word or you can find the meaning through “googling” other website. But, I feel it is too boring…so, I will try to explain in layman term or [...]

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