To understand how the process of refinancing, firstly you need to understand what is refinancing?

I can use a “big word” or bank’s term to explain the word or you can find the meaning through “googling” other website. But, I feel it is too boring…so, I will try to explain in layman term or my own way.

What Is Refinancing?

1) Refinancing is actually a process of taking your existing housing loan and transfers it to other banks.


2) For property that fully paid off, a process to apply a new housing loan with the ex- bank or a new bank.

We know some people, they have common ground for not doing refinancing.

The most common one “ I am so lazy”, “ The process too tedious” or “ I do not know how to do it. It’s sound difficult.”

We hope our sharing here will wake these customers from “Laziness or Tedious “. And stop contributing so much money monthly to the bank. You’re making the banks become rich and richer every second!! So, we should start doing something about it.

If you are not suitable to do refinancing, we will never encourage it. We always contribute honest opinion to our customer.

We always evaluate our customer refinancing profile. If you are not suitable to do refinancing because you are on losing end, we will never encourage it. We only want you to do it and gain benefit from it.