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Calculating Your Housing Loan in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the best housing loan options in Malaysia with our comprehensive guide. Learn about interest rates, eligibility criteria, and key steps to secure your dream home. Navigate the world of home loans confidently with our expert advice Are you considering buying a house in Malaysia? Congratulations on taking this exciting step toward homeownership! However, [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zero Moving Cost Home Loan 2023

( When buying a house or refinance your home) If you read my earlier article "How Much You Need To Buy A House In Malaysia?", You'll understand that buying a house will cost a lot. Based on the article, you will need about 17% of purchase price to cover all the costs. However, if [...]

Apa Antara Sebab Orang Buat Refinance Rumah? 2023

Dalam keadaan krisis sekarang mesti ramai yang terfikir untuk refinance rumah. Kalau yang masih tidak tahu apakah itu Refinance Rumah, mungkin kita boleh ulangkaji disini. Refinance Rumah adalah memindahkan hutang pinjaman perumahan anda ke bank yang lain. Ataupun membuat pinjaman rumah yang baru untuk rumah yang dah habis bayar. Pernah tak anda terfikir kenapa [...]

Pembiayaan Semula Rumah Atau Refinance Rumah 2023

Mohon Sekarang! Pembiayaan Semula Rumah Atau Refinance Rumah Refinance sekarang dapat lebihan tunai, turunkan interest atau tukar ke perbankan Islam. Untuk maklumat lanjut, call/ Whatsapp ke +6012-6946746 atau lawati laman web www.malaysiahousingloan.com #malaysiahousingloan #housingloan #MalaysiaHomeLoan #homeloaninmalaysia #homeloan #housingloaninmalaysia Contact Us Today!

Bagaimana Nak Refinance Rumah Malaysia 2023?

Bagaimana Nak Refinance Rumah Malaysia 2023? Pinjaman Pembiayaan Semula Rumah Terbaik di Malaysia Hi Semua, Minggu ini melissa akan berkongsi mengenai bagaimana nak refinance rumah. Dalam Video ini Melissa akan berbicara mengenai… Adakah susah nak refinance rumah? Anda kena ada tujuan untuk refinance rumah. Anda kena tahu berapa baki hutang pinjaman perumahan anda. [...]


Hey guys, welcome back to MalaysiaHousingLoan. I'm Melissa. So, today we are going to talk about 6 PROPERTIES YOU SHOULD AVOID BUYING. Buying the right house is so crucial that you do not want to buy a wrong house, regardless it is for investment or own stay, you deserve to have the best [...]

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? 2023

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? The obvious answer is always, Yes! Most times, when a Property Agent or Developer trying to sell a leasehold house to a customer, they will say, " nolah... not much difference. Leasehold and freehold same also.No need to worry, you will not [...]

7 Refinance Tips Everyone Should Know in 2023

7 Refinance Tips Everyone Should Know in 2023 Hey guys, this week we have a few tips to help you effectively refinance your property. We are going to talk about 7 Refinance Tips Everyone Should Know. So, before we dive in today, let’s talk about refinancing. What is refinancing? Refinancing is a process [...]


When I first joined a bank in year 2002/2003, many banks are offering fixed rate for a whole tenure. Mostly under Islamic loan package Bai Bithamin Ajil (BBA) concept with around 7% and above fixed interest rate. So at that time, Malaysia just recovered from a recession in 1997/1998. People scared their interest rate will [...]

Updates On Stamp Duty Malaysia For Year 2023

If buying a new home is on your mind this year, it is critical to understand the property stamp duty and how you can get a stamp duty exemption, especially for a first-time house buyer Stamp Duty To Purchase A Property PROPERTY PRICE RATES For the first RM100,000 1.0% From RM100,001 to RM500,000 [...]

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