Many years ago, my family and I were living in a low-cost flat somewhere around Setapak. We lived there for many many years.

Once my sister and I have a steady job. We decided to move to a bigger house. As the flat unit is about 529sft and there were 3 of us, we felt crowded in the house.

The flat unit we lived could rent out for RM500 per month. We decided to find a bigger house to rent with the same price.

After a few days of searching, we finally got a house in Rawang. A double storey house with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms, facing a field and the rental amount was only RM500.

The owner bought the house for about RM180,000 and paying an installment of RM800. Rented out the house for RM500 and still need to top up about RM300 monthly to the bank.

In reality, landed houses rental is never sufficient enough to cover the bank installment. If you’re thinking of buying a landed house and get a return in a rental, I think it is just barely possible.

Now, moving from Setapak to Rawang was quite far. Anyhow, we’re able to manage it after making some arrangement.

The house was spacious, plenty of places to cook, hanging out, facing the field, gated, near to grocery store, 10 minutes to the Rawang town and so on. We were so excited that we organized a BBQ for friends and families.

But, after staying for two years there. It’s can be exhausting.


Because the distance to our workplace was too far. I had to drive for about 50-60km on daily basis. In addition, the traffic was bad in Rawang and City Centre, it just too much for me. To make thing worst, I had a very demanding work and at times I’d work late until 11-12pm.At this point, I was in a terrible cycle of being tired every day.

Staying two years in Rawang, we’re hit twice with a flood. Both occasions, the water rises so fast and up to our knee. Our furniture was wet and damaged.

I am lucky enough to only rented the house in Rawang. I can move away anytime. But, if I’ve bought the house. It’s kind of suck for me financially!

Moral of the story, buying a house is a big decision. There are a lot of aspect to consider. The distance to work is definitely one of them.

Anyhow, we have fond memories here.??

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