Hey guys,

Today, MHL stumbled upon a wonderful website that provides the estimation of your current property value. And I think you are going to like it!

If you are wondering how much your property value is or you decided to buy a house and not sure whether the property is worth as the price mentioned by the agent, then you should check out this link.

In brief, this is how the website looks.


If your property is a non-landed, like a condominium or apartment. Then you click condominium.
If your property is a landed property, example like: – single-storey terrace house, double storey terrace house, semi-D, etc… then you should choose landed.
Then, fill in your condominium or street name.
After that, you just click ” SEARCH.”


Voila! It will give you an indicative price range. For example here, for this property, the indicative price range is RM731 PSF. While it might defer from Block A to Block B, that’s why they provide the lowest and the highest transaction.

In the same time, you can check out the Indicative rental range, for this case it RM3.39 PSF. And the best thing they even calculated the indicative rental yield for you too.

So if you want more in detail data, they do have supporting data. You just need to provide your unit number, level and built up size.

But, I think it does not show the latest year transaction, but it fair enough to provide an excellent example of property value.

So, go and check it out. I’m going to leave the link in our website malaysiahousingloan.net or the description box.

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So, I will talk to you soon. Bye!

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