If you’ve been on a fence to buy a house, then 2016 is the time to take the plunge. Making decision to buy a house is huge and can be complicated too. But, with the right checklist and tools you might find an easy way to do it.

So, why 2016 is the best time to buy a house?

  1. Increase In Desperate Seller

Implementation of Good Service Tax (GST) in April 2015 changed every aspect of Malaysian life especially financially. Lots of hand tight sellers are in the loose because cost of living has increase, cost of operation is higher and everything has a higher cost now. The chances to bump into a cheap and lower property is higher this year.

Remember last couple of years when developer’s launches gave out freebie, extra rebates and absorb developer interest scheme to the homeowners? Yes, those properties will be completed this year or latest next year. And with current oversupply and stagnant property transaction, we will see a challenging year in the property market.

It can be translating to a challenging year for those investor slash seller too. There are typically fewer buyers in the market and at this difficult time, sellers are often motivated to let the property go with lower profit or none at all.

  1. Desperate Developers

In 2015, developers have begun to adopt smaller unit model for their strata developments to adapt lower purchase price. It makes sense for developers to adopt such approach and reach many buyers as possible. And we believe, developer will continue those trend.

Last year, Malaysia’s property sector saw a downward trend toward property sales because everyone was uncertain on the economy and political of this country.

This year we will see more developers coming forward and advertise their project everywhere. In addition, we can expect more creative rebates and freebies giveaway. So this year, buyer can expect gaining lots of stuff from developer.

Words of caution, choose the property from reputable developer because you want to make sure the developer is financially strong to sustain the project and will not abandon it.

  1. Zero Moving Cost

Zero Moving Cost means cost of obtaining a bank’s home loan is absorbing by the bank. The cost involve are legal fees, stamp duty, disbursement fees and valuation fees. This cost will come in the range of 2-3% depending of loan amount.

For example, if the loan amount RM500,000. The cost can be in the range of RM10,000 – RM15,000. However, with Zero Moving Cost Promotion, borrower can save this money.

Zero Moving Cost only applicable by a few selected financial institutions. It used to be around but was removed due to issue risen within banks and lawyer’s association.

However, since it’s back. We think it is the best way to grab this opportunity and save some cash.

If this year, you are interested to buy a house. Don’t forget to talk to us or our professional consultant. We will provide the tips and tricks of buying a house and how to get the best deal in the market!

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