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Question Of The Day: #AskUsAnything #AskMalaysiaHousingLoan

I bought a unit of condo with RM771,000 Purchase Price.
Need to know how much the stamp duty and any rebate of stamp duty?

Answer :

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Pertaining to you question about stamp duty, i’m not sure you are asking for property or loan stamp duty. But, i will let you know both.

For property stamp duty, the table as follow:
First RM100,000 is 1%
Subsequent up to RM500,000 is 2%
Subsequent onwards is 3%
For more information about lawyer fees and stamp duty. You can click the following link.

But, i did the calculation for you.
First RM100,000 is 1% = RM100,000 x 1% = RM1000
Subsequent up to RM500,000 is 2% = RM500000 x 2% = RM10,000
Subsequent onwards is 3% = RM171000 x 3% = RM5130
The amount of property stamp duty is RM1000 + RM10,000 + RM5130 = RM16,130.00

For Home Loan stamp duty. The rate will be 0.50% of your Loan Amount.
For Example,
If you are applying for a loan of RM771,000 x 90%= RM693,900.
The stamp duty will be RM693,900 x 0.50% = RM3469.50

For Purchase Price Around RM771,000, No rebate for stamp duty.

So, i hope the above answers all your queries about stamp duty.

And feel free to call us at +6012-6946746 if you need more information about home loan, lawyer fees or stamp duty.

We would love to help you!

So, have a nice day ahead!

Melissa Lee
Support Manager
Office No : 603-89574035

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