Facts about Property Market Now:-

//Facts about Property Market Now:-

Facts about Property Market Now:-

Facts about Property Market Now:-

1. Unsold residential unit increase 40%.

2. The unsold residential unit is a total of 20,867 units worth RM12.26 billion.

3. The unsold residential unit comprises condominiums and apartments priced between RM500,000 and RM1,000,000.

4. Housing price growth in Malaysia has moderated to 5.6% in the second quarter of 2017 (2Q17) compared with 7.1% a year ago.

5. The property market has softened in 1H17, with more than 153,000 transactions recorded worth RM67.82 billion, a decline of 6% in volume as compared with 12.3% in 1H2016.

6.Transaction value increased by 5% compared to 1H2016 as compared to a decrease of 12% from a year ago.

My Thought:
1. The best property to buy is within RM300,000 – RM400,000.

2. If you’re buying RM300,000 – RM500,000 property, first-time house buyer can get maximum Stamp Duty exemption for property transfer and loan stamp duty.

3. Start small is good because of lower deposit and lower house installment. Less risk and less burden too.

4. If have enough deposit, try to survey subsale and completed house. If not, why not save some money for two years before buying any property.

5. Stay away from the property above RM500,000 if you don’t have enough cash flow. Investment in this type of property can be risky and need time to be profitable.



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