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Today is a Saturday. Usually, we will take a good Saturday or Sunday to clear our mind. That's mean, no working. But, it's the most difficult things to do because people need help and advice from us regardless of Monday or Sunday. And of course, we're happy to help too. So, I was sitting [...]

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Tips For Appointing SPA Lawyer – Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

When purchasing a house in Malaysia, purchaser requires appointing a Sale & Purchase (SPA) Lawyer to represent them. A good SPA lawyer is crucial in this situation because the moment you start buying a house, and if you're not careful, you might fall into a deep hole that orchestrates by the property agent, seller, [...]

How To Calculate Stamp Duty in 2018?

Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer We're about to welcome 2018 in less than one-month time. And 2018 is going to be an exciting year for property market because some expert said the property market is crushing next year and some said it won't. Regardless which, we want you to prepare for the [...]

5 Cara Bijak Untuk Refinance Rumah 2018

Refinance Rumah 2018 Sekiranya anda membuat pertimbangkan untuk Refinance Rumah bagi mendapatkan duit tambahan bagi menyelesaikan pinjaman peribadi, kredit kad, pengubahansuaian rumah atau untuk bantuan perubatan dan sebagainya. Bacalah Artikel "5 cara bijak untuk refinance rumah 2018." Mungkin ramai yang ingin refinance rumah tetapi tidak tahu di mana ingin dimulakan. [...]

5 Home Buying Tips

Buying a house can be so much fun and full of excitement but at the same time it's can be nerve wrecking and stressful too. Why? Most people buy a house to start a family, a new start and have a place to call home to create new memories and some called Home is [...]

How To Calculate Stamp Duty

How To Calculate Stamp Duty - Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer Lots of people talking about buying a house. But, one thing a home buyer should know is how much the stamp duty will cost when buying a new house. Today, we're going to share the simple calculation of stamp duty [...]

Facts about Property Market Now:-

Facts about Property Market Now:- 1. Unsold residential unit increase 40%. 2. The unsold residential unit is a total of 20,867 units worth RM12.26 billion. 3. The unsold residential unit comprises condominiums and apartments priced between RM500,000 and RM1,000,000. 4. Housing price growth in Malaysia has moderated to 5.6% in the second quarter of [...]

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In an effort to reduce the cost of ownership of first home for Malaysian citizens, the government has proposed the following stamp duty exemptions:- Value of instruments of transfer and loan agreement for the purchase of first home Exemption given on stamp duty Up To RM300,000 100% Value of instruments of transfer [...]

Buying A Subsale House: Can you ask the seller to repair the damage?

Answer: If you're buying a subsale house, you're buying the house on an "as it where is basis" (Meaning it is based on the current state of the home). It means the house condition at the time of the sale and purchase agreement (SNP) was signed, will be the same as when handing over [...]