transfer of property ownership after death in malaysia

Stamp Duty On Property Transfer Between Family 2024

Many of the frequently asked topics are stamp duty on property transfer between family members. So, we hear you, and today we're going to do some revision on the subject. Mostly, people are concern about the property stamp duty and the cost of doing property transfer. In Malaysia, we are allowed to transfer our [...]

Question & Answer: Transfer Of Property To Ex-Boyfriend 2024

QUESTION: Hi Melissa, thank you for the detailed article. I have a question and hope that you could help me with. I purchased an apartment with my ex-bf for more than 11 years ago. Property title and loan under both names, and it is still now. He is going through refinancing using his wife's [...]


Question of the day. Hi, Let say I own a condo of 500K for three years, and it is still under loan repayment of 22 years. If I wish to transfer the ownership to my father, what are the fees, requirements, and other things I need to be aware of? Answer. Hi, [...]

Transfer Of Property For Foreigner (Q &A)

Question of the day. Hi, I am British and own an apartment in Malaysia. I want to gift it to my brother, who is Singaporean. Is this possible? And would it matter if he is my half-brother? Answer: Hi, Thanks for the question. The answer is below. Based on the current guidelines, you can [...]

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