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3 Important Things To Check Before Signing Bank Letter Offer 2024

I believe in reading all documents signed. Notably, the one that has only less than ten pages to read. So, today I want to share my understanding of the Bank's letter offer with you. Bank Letter Offer is the document that you sign right after your bank loan is approved. After approval, the banker [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)

Everything You Need To Know About Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) The Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) is a government initiative designed to support home buyers looking to purchasing property, while at the same time, spurring the sales of unsold properties in Malaysia’s housing market. The campaign was targeted to run from 1 January 2019 through [...]

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Requirement To Buy Low Cost House In Selangor

If you're buying a low-cost house in Selangor, I think it is best for you to read this. We learned about this when we faced the same scenario years ago. A client who bought a house from a Seller without knowing this is a low-cost house. The Seller doesn't know or recalled it as [...]

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Tip For Buying A House From Developer In Malaysia

How's your weekend so far? Today, I came across an interesting article about overhang property in Malaysia. Over the last couple of years, there are so many overhangs property all over Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. We love to buy a house from a developer because it's new, nice, comes with great [...]

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