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First Time Home Buyer Malaysia 2024 (Must read)

What should you know before buying a house in 2024? Every year, around this time ( end of the year ), you might start to feel a little panicky. Everyone's got an opinion on you, your job, income, marital status (if you're still single, enjoy your life!) and blah blah blah... The typical questions [...]


Question of the day. Hi, I am earning rm2800 minus my bonus and commissions. I am looking to get a house in kl. I would be a first-time buyer. Can I get more info on that? Thank you Answer: Hi, thanks for your question and I will straight answer your question. 1. [...]

Why Bank Reject Your Home Loan When You Have No Credit Record? (No Loan)

First Time Home Buyer Tips Why Bank Reject Your Home Loan When You Have No Credit Record? (No Loan) Many of us have traditional parents that told us to save money, get married, and buy a house. I know it sounds boring. ( Literally, I was yawning thinking of this) The truth is it's [...]

Benefit For First Time Home Buyer| Buying 1st home| Malaysia Housing Loan

Hey, are you young, just graduate or working for a few years but have that strong urge to buy a new house like your friend David, Mohd or even Siti? Well, if you are exploring of buying that one house so that you can be like your friends owning something call your own, then [...]

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