1. Normally, the price is cheaper.
2. When starting a family, more manageable house and cost.
3. Smaller space, easy to maintain.
4. Better investment and cash flow.
5. Re-sell price is lower compared to double storey house.
6. Multi-tier security. Feel more secure.
7. Beautiful landscape and multiple facilities, e.g swimming pool, multipurpose hall, gym, playground and etc.
8. Better rental value than a double storey house.
9. Ample visitor parking for a visitor.

1. Maintenance Fees and Sinking fund could be an additional burden.
2. Sharing all the common facilities with other owners could be an issue in the future if some don’t follow the rules.
3. Facilities and common can be noisy and dirty.

Double Storey Terrace House

1. Bigger space and garden for kids to run around.
2. Appreciation value is higher and more stable.
3. Spacious room, bathroom, and kitchen.
4. Additional backyard.

1. House prices are more expensive.
2. Need more time to maintain.
3. Higher risk for break-in and other crimes.
4. Limited parking space to park in or outside the house. Especially, when friends or families come to visit.
5. Unreasonable neighbors.
a. Rare multiple animals in the house that cause nuisance, animal poops and animal fur flying around your house. People with asthma condition could be bad for health.
b. Park in front of your house.
c. Throw rubbish in front of your house.

Which do you like more? Sometimes decisions are made on gut feeling and personal preference, rather than logic or reason. Ultimately, if you’re deciding between the two options and the other factors are not weighing in heavily, you might simply go with what feels right to you!

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For more Home Loan information and enquiry, please call/ Whatsapp us at +6012-6946746
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