There is a saying that you’ll always remember about your first love, but I also believe that you’ll never forget your first house.

The house that you bought for the first time after years of saving or hard work.
The house that you raised your kids and create the happiest memories of your family.
Even though the house is not perfect or big, it’s sufficient, and everyone is close and happy together.

Do you remember that house?
I do.

My first house is a low-cost apartment with two rooms and one bathroom; the size is 550sft. I’m staying with my sister and father. We’re close knitted family.
We laughed, we fought, and we cried in this house. The house was full of memories and reminder where my life started.

Fast forward many years, we’ve bought lots of houses over the years.
Today, I believe in cutting my clothes according to the cloth I have.
Being able to sleep at night is essential to me. Ultimately, home is where the heart is — where one finds love and tranquillity. Frills and luxury will be a bonus.

So, what’s your ideal home look like?
The edge property did a survey recently on drawing up a picture of the Ideal Malaysian Home.
You might want to check out the result of the survey.

In brief, this is the survey result.
1. Malaysians aspire to live in a modest terraced home or townhouse with nice living room and a garden.
2. Priced between RM400,000 to RM600,000.
3. The landed property should be located in a gated residential area with amenities such as jogging trails, children’s playground and swimming pool.
4. In the size of 1000sft to 1999sft with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
5. It should offer excellent ventilation, security, and spaciousness.
6. Located in a convenient location with good security and surrounded by natural green spaces.

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