Someone shared this on social media. 

Harga sebuah KEMALASAN.

Foodpanda: RM93.10

Pergi Kedai : RM58.00

Harga kemalasan RM35.10 untuk drive 2km je. 

I found this fascinating topic because there are two ways or more to look at it.

One is obvious. 

Instead of using Foodpanda to buy the food, you can directly go to the store and get it. 

You will get the store price instead of the higher price because the additional cost will go to Foodpanda and the rider.

It will be cheaper if you walk into the shop and grab the food.

The second way to look at it is this.

It looks easy as the first option, but it may not be in reality.

Exclusively for people that juggle to do many things at a time.

For some people, driving to the shop can be a hassle. 

Before driving, they need to change clothes, lock the door, drive the car, go through traffic jams, go down to the store, wait for food, wait for payment, and do many other things.

Then, some people are concerned about COVID and hygiene; they need to do a bunch of sops when they come back home. 

They need to spray, wash, bathe, change clothes and abide by other SOP to avoid spreading Covid to other family members.

It will be much more hassle for people with kids as they need to decide to either bring the kids or leave them at home.

And this is not called for KEMALASAN. 

It is more on CONVENIENCE.

Another thing to note is that all the time that is wasted buying food, maybe 30 mins or more, can be focused on generating more income or taking care of the family or even relaxing.

Some people like to spend money on things that are convenient to them. 

That is why Grab, Foodpanda, Shopeefood, and Online shopping platforms have been booming in the past few years. People want to have an option of convenience at their fingertips.

People know that now they can use the limited time they have to spend on doing valuable stuff such as spending time with family, going out to experience stuff, relaxing etc…

Above all, people find it is a valuable service to engage.

People understand the price of “ Convenience” or SAVING TIME is greater than the price of “ Kemalasan”.

By the end of the day, some people might understand the concept or maybe not. 

But, it is okay. 

There is no one way to live your life. 

Do what is right for you!




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