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The Changes In Refinance Home Loan Margin 2024

The changes in Refinancing Home Loan Margin will be felt by many homeowners when they try to dip into their homes equities during refinancing. People do refinancing all the time. Mostly because they need money quickly, and nevertheless, they want a loan with low-interest rates. The reason for Refinance can be varied from [...]

Is Now A Good Time To Refinance Your Home? 2024

Most of the time, people refinance their homes when they need to settle their debts, business capital, house renovation, children's education, and many more reasons. And one of the questions people always ask- Is now a good time to Refinance Your Home? Well. It's totally subjective. Before you make any move to refinance your [...]

Refinance Fully Paid House In Malaysia 2024

I can't think a better time than NOW to do a Refinancing. People will tell you the home loan interest rates are super low and attractive. How low you say? Imagine this. The government servant is paying 4% interest rates for their government home loan. Commercial banks are now offering a home loan interest [...]

Master Title Property And Bankrupt Developer

Last week, a client came to us and wanted to do a refinance home loan. Little did she knows that her case is complicated and going to cost her more. For the story's sake, let call her Ms. Alice, which is not her real name. (We respect our client privacy) Ms. Alice has a [...]

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