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How To Calculate Stamp Duty in 2024?

Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer We're about to welcome 2024. And 2024 is going to be an exciting year for property market because some expert said the property market is crushing next year and some said it won't. Regardless which, we want you to prepare for the stamp duty information for the [...]

Hidden Cost Of Buying A House In Malaysia 2024

Hidden Cost Of Buying A House In Malaysia 2024 Like everyone else, you bought a house. So welcome to the club! Once a house owner, you realized that there is a lot of hidden cost of buying a house in Malaysia that no one talks about. It is like a silenced topic that [...]

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Down Payment For House Malaysia 2024

Down Payment For House Malaysia 2023 A downpayment is probably the most important thing to own a house in Malaysia. Buying a house is a privilege. If you're still unaware of this, then you don't know how lucky you are! But, before you can buy a house, you need to save for a [...]

Cost of Refinancing Malaysia 2024

Cost of Refinancing Malaysia 2024 Like many other house owners, Cindy was confused with all the Cost of Refinancing in Malaysia. Well, who doesn't when there is a long list of the Cost of Refinancing? Lucky for you today, we're going to share the Cost of Refinancing, and hopefully, you can use this as [...]

How Much Is Lawyer Fees When Buying A House In Malaysia? – Legal Fees Malaysia

How Much Is Lawyer Fees When Buying A House In Malaysia? One day, I was having a conversation with our associate lawyer. What interesting in the conversation was, she mentioned that some client was unaware that they were required to pay two types of legal fees when buying a house. On that note, I [...]

Services That We Offer…

People often ask us. What are our services? #malaysiahousingloan Even though, we have mentioned on our website and facebook page that we provide FREE online home loan consultation. People don’t understand, What is an online home loan consultation? Is that even a thing??? Okay, let us explain. Firstly, we want you to understand; we [...]

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Mengapa Pembeli Dan Penjual Tidak Digalakkan “berkongsi” Peguam Yang Sama?

Adalah dinasihatkan, pembeli dan penjual melantik peguam masing-masing. Kesilapan bagi banyak orang dalam urusan jual beli rumah adalah mereka sayang untuk keluar duit untuk bayar perkhidmatan peguam, terutamanya penjual. Kebanyakan penjual akan menggunakan khidmat peguam pembeli untuk mewakili mereka. Alasanya, hendak jimat kos dan masa. Lagipun kalau pakai banyak-banyak sangat peguam nanti urusan jadi [...]

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Appoint The Same Lawyer For SPA And Loan Agreement

Question: My banker don't allow me to appoint my Sale & Purchase Agreement Lawyer as the Loan Agreement Lawyer. Can they do that? Answer: #HomeBuyingTips First of all, know your rights. Don't let anyone stripe your right when buying a property. 1. You can always appoint your own Sale & Purchase Agreement Lawyer. 2. [...]

Stamp Duty Exemption Malaysia 2019

Hi Everyone, this is an official media release from our Finance Minister on the Stamp duty exemption 2019. Hope, this will clarify some issue regard to the stamp duty exemption 2019. If you need further help, please feel free to contact us or if you need a SPA or Home Loan quotation feel free [...]

How much is the cost of Sale and Purchase Agreement And Stamp Duty?

"How much is the cost of Sale and Purchase Agreement And Stamp Duty?" It's the question that every home buyer will ask before purchasing a house. Unfortunately, no one will know the correct answer until the buyer gets all the property information from the seller. Despite that, there is another rule of thumb that [...]

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