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Hey, do you know what is your home loan Base Rate, Base Lending Rate or Base Financing Rate ? If you like me which always forgetful on this, you can check out our update here. Hope this help.   LATEST BASE RATE AND BASE LENDING RATE FOR THE MAJOR BANKS IN MALAYSIA AS [...]

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When I was a little girl, I used to stay in a landed house. We have a great and big compound to run around and it such a happy times. But, with a landed house comes with a high risk of a home break-in. We experienced twice and totally shaken with the whole experience. [...]

The Best Home Loan Rates 4.10% Lowest In The Market! Wow!

Hurry! For limited time period only! Are you looking for the best and the lowest home loan rates? Then, you're at the right place. The promotion rates is for a new purchase house, under construction property and refinancing case. Home Loan Rates as low as 4.10%* p.a (fixed) 1st Year Thereafter, BR + 0.70% [...]

Do you know?

Do you know if you're living on a commercial land title, your utility bills will be based on commercial rates? This happens to some of the service apartments, SOHO, SOVO or SOFO in the city. For example, the minimum monthly bill for a residential Syabas bill is RM6, while commercial bills start at RM36. [...]

Malaysia Property Cooling Measures Timeline

VARIOUS cooling measures introduced by the Malaysian government and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for the last nine years. Let's recapped all the cooling measures in summary. YEAR 2007 It was reported that in 2007, the Developer Interest Bearing Scheme (DIBS) was first introduced by a property developer in Penang, as a precursor to the [...]

MRTA Conversation With A Bank

Ms. A: My husband passed away, he bought a house and took a loan with your bank. He also bought MRTA. Bank: Oh okay, let me check. (clicking the computer). Bank: Yes, he took a loan with us. Let me check the MRTA. (After a while...) Ms. A, the MRTA is not enough to [...]

Property Tips: Avoid Buying A High-Risk Property (What is high-risk property?)

Today, a customer name Mr. A shares his story with us. Mr. A bought a property from a seller. Seller has misplaced their original SPA. But, the seller has a CTC SPA copy. The property was an old property, under the master title and developer is no longer around. A liquidator company was taking [...]

Avoid (if you can) Buying A House During Early And End Of The Year

I think we know by now that the complete process of purchasing a house will take about 3-6 months. That's the average. But, why a purchaser should avoid buying a house during early or end of the year? There are a few reasons:- 1. Too many holidays during that time, e.g., Christmas, new year [...]


Coretan Hidup Agent rumah cakap FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD rumah sama je... Betul ker? Banker cakap rumah leasehold kalo balance lease kurang 40 tahun, susah bank nak bagi pinjaman. Valuer cakap rumah leasehold kalo semakin kurang balance lease period akan menjadi kurang 'menarik'. Value rumah mungkin susah nak naik. Majlis perbandaran cakap jangan lupa memperbaharui [...]

Tip of the week: Check Your Loan Statement Regularly

Several years ago, I used to work with one of the local banks. I was doing mortgage sales and also handling customer service. One day, I was approached by a lady. She complained about her loan account balances that seem to be odd. So, I checked her loan account and realised that the system [...]

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