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How To Get 4.16% Home Loan Interest Rates?

In the last quarter, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) reduced the Overnight Rate (OPR) to 3%, and this is good because every bank in town started to reduce their Base Lending Rate (BLR) or Base Rate (BR). And because of this our home loan installment has reduced and we're getting an insanely low home loan [...]

Where can I check my home loan lock-in period?

Are you paying RM15,000 penalty fees for your home loan? Hey guys, I'm Melissa. I'm from Every day we received a lot of questions regarding housing loan. We think is a good idea to share those question on a series in the short video like this. So, today question is. Where [...]

3 Reasons You Should Create A Will

I'm not sure why talking about Will Writing can be an uncomfortable topic, but death does happen, and it can take a significant toll towards your loved ones. Honestly, It takes a long time for me executing a WILL. I know, it's essential, but it's just too many works, procrastinates kicks in, and everything [...]

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Question: If seller not appointing any property agent, as a buyer what is the best way to pay the deposit? Answer: Appoint lawyers to collect the deposit. It's better for buyer and seller to appoint their own lawyer, 2 different lawyers. To avoid any issue or conflict of interest and to protect buyer and [...]

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