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Lawyer Fees For Buying A House (New changes 2024!)

Understand the essential aspects of lawyer fees for buying a house with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the old and new structures of fees, how to calculate them, and their impact on your overall budget. Make informed decisions with your knowledge form this article. Owning a house is a dream for many individuals, and [...]

Why Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting?

The answer lies in the freedom and control that comes with home ownership.  When you rent a property, you're limited by the landlord's rules and regulations.  Want to make some small renovations or upgrades to your living space? You'll need permission from the landlord, or you are at risk of the landlord forfeiting the [...]

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3 Types Of Property I Will Avoid Buying (For Secondary/Subsale Market) 2024

Hey guys, Welcome back to the Malaysia Housing Loan channel. My name is Melissa. Today I'm going to share with you three types of property that I usually avoid buying. I know that buying a property can be stressful; it takes a lot of research; it takes a lot of energy and time [...]

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The Difference Between Master title, Individual Title, and Strata Title 2024

Are you confuse between Master Title, Individual Title, and Strata Title? Before buying a house, it's essential to know the house is under Master or Individual/Strata title. There will be complication or risk to consider when buying a property that still under Master Title. Master title property will have more risk compared to the [...]

How Much Is The Stamp Duty? | Stamp Duty When Buying A House | House Buyer Guide

Stamp Duty When Buying A House 2024 Buying a house has been unequivocally one of the hottest topics that being discussed by Malaysian. Most Malaysian are hopeful to at least own a house one day. But, how many of us know the process of buying a house? To be honest, it can be a [...]

How Do I Know If I Can Get A Housing Loan? 2024

To get an approval from bank, you first must understand the bank’s standard approval criteria. Generally, bank will look at following criteria. 1) Borrower employment background Bank will prefer if customer working in Multi National Company (MNC) and working for more than 2 years. It’s show stability in employment and income. However, it doesn’t [...]

Cara Kira Kos Duti Setem Rumah| Duti Setem Rumah Pertama| Stamp Duty Malaysia 2024

Stamp Duty Malaysia 2024 Hi Semua, Minggu ini Melissa akan berkongsi mengenai Duti Setem (stamp duty) semasa membeli rumah. Ramai yang masih keliru mengenai duti setem rumah oleh itu Melissa harap dengan video ini dapat membantu anda semua. Dalam Video ini Melissa akan berbicara mengenai... a. Apa itu Duti Setem Rumah b. Siapa [...]

Buying Property With Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Buying property with girlfriend or boyfriend is like the perfect next step in your relationship. Hold on a sec though. Read this first. Are you thinking about buying a property with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Before you dive in, let's have a chat about some stuff you should be aware of, especially with how [...]

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Boleh ke kita “tumpang” peguam dalam SPA?

Suatu hari, ada seorang customer bertanya. “Boleh ke kita "tumpang" peguam dalam SPA?” Jawapan mudah.  Boleh. Seorang penjual dan pembeli boleh menggunakan peguam yang sama. Tetapi tidak digalakkan untuk menjaga hak dan kepentingan masing-masing. Selalunya dalam transaksi jual beli rumah, pembeli harus mempunyai peguam sendiri. Ini mengelakkan dari tertipu oleh penjual ataupun mana-mana pihak [...]


When buying a house, one thing that we try to avoid is getting cheated by anyone. Let be honest; no one likes to be cheated. Therefore, before buying a house, we need to have the right knowledge, more importantly, the right mind. The way we see it, there are three ways to get it [...]

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