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Buying A Subsale House: Can you ask the seller to repair the damage?

Answer: If you're buying a subsale house, you're buying the house on an "as it where is basis" (Meaning it is based on the current state of the home). It means the house condition at the time of the sale and purchase agreement (SNP) was signed, will be the same as when handing over [...]


Condominium Pro:- 1. Normally, the price is cheaper. 2. When starting a family, more manageable house and cost. 3. Smaller space, easy to maintain. 4. Better investment and cash flow. 5. Re-sell price is lower compared to double storey house. 6. Multi-tier security. Feel more secure. 7. Beautiful landscape and multiple facilities, e.g swimming [...]

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发展商名誉影响贷款 房贷网 站 malaysiahousingloan.net菅理员兼MHL咨询公司房屋贷款顾问 叶佳强及 李素慧认同个人信贷的重要性, 同时, 也点出了另一些看似无关紧要, 却会影响房贷申请的原因。 李素慧耐心地解释,银行对于发展商的名誉甚是在意,因此如果一家发展商拥有不良记录,如搁置房产发展,对于购屋者的申请也会较注意。 只有总地契银行不批贷 “另外,一些已经完成建设的房子, 如果尚未获得独立地契 (lndividual Title) , 仅有总地契 (Master Title) , 据我们的经验, 有80%的银行是不愿冒险接受, 除非该家发展商信誉良好。“因为没有地契在手, 对于银行而言, 就是没有任何保障。 叶佳强也指出, 如果工作地点与购买房产的地点不在相同白勺地方, 申请借贷时, 也可能会面对困难。 “举例来说, 一个人来自芙蓉, 在新加坡工作, 但是, 想在吉隆坡买房子, 那银行就会询问为何在吉隆坡置产, 因为银行不晓得他们的资金从哪里来, 担心会冒太大的风睑 。 房产类型成考皇因索 叶佳强也坦言,一些房产类型也是银行考量借贷的因素之一, 如果房产属于办公家居单位 (SOHO) , 而附近却有许多空置的店屋, 同样会影响银行房贷。其实, 银行也是盈利机构, 如果想深一层, 银行打开门做生意, 在放贷之前, 最先考虑的是什么? 没错,当然是借贷者是否有能力还贷, 在了解之后, 并不难理解, 为何某些银行会对于文件及资格审批较严厉,主要还是不希望借出去的钱收不回来,毕竟,银行还是希望能够获得保障。 [...]

19 panduan penting miliki hartanah mengelak tertipu

Golongan muda sekarang sangat teruja untuk memiliki hartanah. Namun dewasa ini, semua pihak perlu lebih banyak berhati-hati. Penipuan wujud di mana-mana sahaja. Mereka me­nunggu orang yang kurang ilmu untuk dijerat. Pelbagai jenis penipuan melalui hartanah telah dilaporkan. Ini sangat menggusarkan, apatah lagi seolah-olah tiada tindakan pihak berkuasa. Saya kongsikan panduan membeli rumah kepada golongan [...]

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SOVO, SOFO & SOLO Malaysia – Commercial-titled residences – What you need to know before buying this?

Last few years property industry has changed a lot with developers keep pushing for the commercial-titled residential property like Small-offices Versatile-offices (SoVos), Small-offices Flexible-offices (SoFos), Small-offices Lifestyle-offices (SoLos), basically a designer suite or commercial office unit of residential elements. These few years, I keep asking myself why? Why the drastic change in developer focus. [...]

Did you know?

One general misconception is that the buyer and seller can share the services of a lawyer. If fact, a lawyer can act for only one party. Either for Purchaser or Seller. A seller should engage his/her own lawyer for the transaction as this will ensure that his/her rights are protected. The legal fee is [...]

Property Wisdom

Three ways to avoid paying CKHT (Cukai Keuntungan Harta Tanah) 1. Sell the property without profit. (Sometimes have to convince LHDN that the transaction is genuine and not for the case of "mark down." If not, the property might be re-value, and seller might need to pay CKHT based on the property market value.) [...]


One of the reasons why there is a delay in completion of a property transaction is... - The Property title issued and Seller yet to transfer to his/her own name. - Then, Seller sold the house to the new buyer. - Some developer might not agree to give direct transfer. - If that happen, [...]

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