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Panduan Harga Pasaran (Market Value) Dalam Pembelian Rumah

Panduan tentang harga pasaran hartanah (Market Value) dalam pembelian rumah, termasuk cara menilai harga pasaran (Market Value), implikasinya dalam pinjaman perumahan, dan tips menghadapi perbezaan antara harga jual dan harga pasaran (Market Value). Artikel ini membantu anda membuat keputusan bijak dalam pembelian rumah. Selamat datang, pembaca yang budiman.  Saya, Melissa, ingin membawa anda menyelami [...]

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Beli Rumah Atau Sewa Rumah? 2024

Sejak akhir-akhir ini begitu banyak perdebatan mengenai pembelian rumah dan harga rumah. Memang semua sudah tahu bahawa harga rumah sekarang agak mahal dan mungkin tidak mampu untuk dimiliki oleh sesetengah orang. Walaupun harga rumah agak tinggi dan bayaran bulanan rumah agak membebankan, kita tetap perlukan sebuah rumah. Andai kata tidak dapat membelinya, apakata kita [...]


1. Beli rumah dulu, baru beli kereta. Sebab loan kereta lebih senang nak lulus dari loan rumah. 2. Kalau ada loan PTPTN pastikan bayaran mengikut jadual. Jangan sesekali tak bayar! 3. Jika ada plan beli rumah, mulakanlah "tabung beli rumah". Target simpanan dalam 16% dari harga rumah. 4. Pastikan juga hutang pinjaman lain bayar [...]

5 Common Housing Loan Mistakes To Avoid

Every day there are people just like you and me made mistakes in their home loan. By acquainting yourself with “5 common housing loan mistakes to avoid” article, you can save thousands on your housing loan. Read on so you can avoid these pitfalls. APPLYING 1 BANK AND THAT’S IT Banks love if you can [...]

Which Bank Offers The Best Housing Loan?

If you plan to buy a house, you’ll most probably need a home loan. However, getting a good home loan is actually pretty challenging. You’ll need to determine the kind of loan you need, and you’ll have to find out the best suitable offer. When it comes to home loans, many people in Malaysia often [...]

What you need to know about My First Home Scheme?

The scheme is one of the measures announced by the Government in the 2011 Budget aimed at assisting young adults to own a home. The scheme allows homebuyers to obtain 100% financing from financial institutions, enabling them to own a home without having the need to pay a 10% down payment. Cagamas SRP Berhad will [...]

OPR & BLR Increase 10th July 2014

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) have increased the overnight policy rate (OPR) at 3.25% from 3.0% in the monetary policy committee (MPC). This OPR hike may translate to an increase in the pricing of loans for consumers. Banks had started to announce their increase in Base Lending Rate (BLR). Public Bank are one of the banks [...]

Question & Answer For Home Loan 23/04/2014

Customer Questions: Hi David, How are you? Just would like to seek your advice on the following:- I had purchased an apartment long ago with my ex-husband. After divorced he has failed to service the loan and eventually the property were auctioned. I enrolled in akpk to settle the balance amount and had fully settled [...]

9.6 Million Malaysian Earning Less Than RM3000, buying affordable house seem IMPOSSIBLE

Buying a house and a car are important for every working adult life as we need a house for shelter and grow our families and car is for easily commute to work or move around from one place to another. However, looking at the soaring property prices in Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley area, many [...]

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