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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zero Moving Cost Home Loan 2024

( When buying a house or refinance your home) If you read my earlier article "How Much You Need To Buy A House In Malaysia?", You'll understand that buying a house will cost a lot. Based on the article, you will need about 17% of purchase price to cover all the costs. However, if [...]

Pembiayaan Semula Rumah Atau Refinance Rumah 2024

Mohon Sekarang! Pembiayaan Semula Rumah Atau Refinance Rumah Refinance sekarang dapat lebihan tunai, turunkan interest atau tukar ke perbankan Islam. Untuk maklumat lanjut, call/ Whatsapp ke +6012-6946746 atau lawati laman web www.malaysiahousingloan.com #malaysiahousingloan #housingloan #MalaysiaHomeLoan #homeloaninmalaysia #homeloan #housingloaninmalaysia Contact Us Today!

Updates On Stamp Duty Malaysia For Year 2024

If buying a new home is on your mind this year, it is critical to understand the property stamp duty and how you can get a stamp duty exemption, especially for a first-time house buyer Stamp Duty To Purchase A Property PROPERTY PRICE RATES For the first RM100,000 1.0% From RM100,001 to RM500,000 [...]

6 Properties You Should Avoid Buying 2024

Hey guys, welcome back to MalaysiaHousingLoan. I'm Melissa. So, today we are going to talk about 6 PROPERTIES YOU SHOULD AVOID BUYING. Buying the right house is so crucial that you do not want to buy a wrong house, regardless it is for investment or own stay, you deserve to have the best [...]

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? 2024

Is there a big difference to buy a leasehold and freehold property? The obvious answer is always, Yes! Most times, when a Property Agent or Developer trying to sell a leasehold house to a customer, they will say, " nolah... not much difference. Leasehold and freehold same also.No need to worry, you will not [...]


When I first joined a bank in year 2002/2003, many banks are offering fixed rate for a whole tenure. Mostly under Islamic loan package Bai Bithamin Ajil (BBA) concept with around 7% and above fixed interest rate. So at that time, Malaysia just recovered from a recession in 1997/1998. People scared their interest rate will [...]


This week video consists of questions that we commonly received from our client or audience. Hopefully, this video will help you in buying a house or getting a home loan from a bank. Home Loan Tips: Question and Answer 1. One Tip For First Time House Buyers 2. How Much Money Do You [...]

Don’t apply for a Home Loan until you read this! Home Loan Debt Service Ratio (DSR)

Everything you need to know about Debt Service Ratio. Debt service ratio is used by a bank to calculate the eligibility of loan for a borrower. To be honest, debt service ratio by banks changed a lot since the last decade. And sometimes, it’s quite hard to keep up as different banks will have [...]


Saya pernah ditanya oleh seseorang soalan seperti berikut: "Saya bercadang untuk beli sebuah rumah untuk anak saya yang berumur 3 tahun. Boleh kah saya terus letak nama anak saya dalam geran rumah tersebut?" Jawapan saya : 1. Secara prinsipnya kanak-kanak di bawah umur 18 tahun tidak mempunyai kelayakan dari segi undang-undang untuk memasuki sebarang [...]

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The Best Home Loan Rates 4.10% Lowest In The Market! Wow!

Hurry! For limited time period only! Are you looking for the best and the lowest home loan rates? Then, you're at the right place. The promotion rates is for a new purchase house, under construction property and refinancing case. Home Loan Rates as low as 4.10%* p.a (fixed) 1st Year Thereafter, BR + 0.70% [...]

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