Mr. Alex is selling his old house. He is searching for Sale And Purchase Agreement quotation.

Lawyer A: Recommended by Purchaser. Purchaser suggests using his lawyer.

Lawyer B: Recommended by Alex’s friend.

Lawyer C: Recommended by Alex’s family member.

Quotation Price
Lawyer A : RM2600
Lawyer B : RM1600
Lawyer C : RM2200

* All the above price is quoted with the condition that Purchaser and Seller using the same lawyer firm.

Tip: If seller and purchaser using different lawyer, seller lawyer fees quotation will be much higher.

All the quotes are with a different amount. Alex is scratching his head.

Ring…Ring…Ring… He is calling his lawyer’s friend, Gary.

Alex: Gary, I’m selling my house la… I need a lawyer.

Gary: Sure sure…

Alex: Purchasers have owned lawyer. Can you represent me?

Gary: Of course lah…

Alex: But, how much you charged? Don’t charge me too high lah…

Gary : hmmm… *silence. okaylah, RM1500.

Alex: Ah… so great! Thank you, thank you! (laughing out loud)

Moral of story:
A Good Friend is always the best!
And to all the house seller out there, try to compare a few quotation before tag along with Purchaser’s lawyer.


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