Questions Of The Day:

Tom & Michelle are going to buy a new house.
Tom is a first-time house buyer.
And this is Michelle second time buying a house.
Tom and Michelle’s relationship are spouse.

Sale & Purchase Agreement will be under Tom (1st-time house buyer) name only.
When applying for a loan, the borrowers will be under Tom & Michelle names.
Question 1:

Can Tom entitle for first-time house buyer Stamp duty exemption on Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA)?
Answer :
**Yes, Tom can still qualify for first-time house buyer Stamp duty exemption.

Question 2:

Can Tom & Michelle still qualify first-time house buyer Stamp duty exemption on loan agreement facility?

** Yes for Tom and No for Michelle. Tom can request for stamp duty exemption his half share portion only. Michelle would need to pay full Stamp Duty on her half share portion.

**Please take note that all the stamp duty exemption is still subject to LHDN approval & 1st time house buyer terms and conditions apply.

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