Hi guys,

As everyone knows that 4 days ago we had missing MH 370 Malaysian Airlines Flight (MAS).

As the mystery surrounding the missing MH370 plane enters its fourth day, families of passengers on board continue to cling on to hope in the absence of new leads.

Until any evidence is recovered, we still have hope. It is important that we keep the hope alive and pray for a miracle.

The anxiety is shared not only by all of Malaysia but people around the world.

For us (at www.malaysiahousingloan.com), the most shocking aspect of the MH370 disaster is that we won’t know what fate befell those 239 souls until we find MH370’s Flight Data Recorder (FDR), aka the black box.

Except for that last radar reading, we have absolutely no knowledge of the flight at all until we find that FDR. We have no clue what was said in the cockpit by the captain and first officer — though, seemingly, if something did go wrong, they didn’t even have time to send a mayday message. We have no clue if the plane hit a patch of bad weather, or whether it was hijacked.

Many speculation had been surface and we believe, every party involved are trying their best to find MH 370, passengers and crews inside.

We hope everyone will continue their prayers to MH370 plane and bless the people who are looking for them.

Please come back MH370!

We miss you.