Purchasing a house is an ongoing argument battle whether right or wrong.

Should I buy house now?

Or should I wait?

People said, with property price in Kuala Lumpur increase tremendously, for an average salary earner who works for 20 years without spending his salary for food or other items can’t afford to buy a house right now.

Is this true?

How terrifying is that fact?

Even, some rumours going on if you do afford to buy house now and do not grab the opportunity, one day you may not be able to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur.

A group of optimistic said, “we will wait for another round economic crisis, when property prices drop, we can buy at cheaper price.”

However, the question arise when some people wait for opportunity to happen and end up waiting and waiting, and at the end the property price have increase rapidly that you are not qualify to buy your dream house anymore. So, how sad is that?

The true is there is no right or wrong here. It is simply can you afford a house right now?

Do you have the cash to prepare for 10% down payment, property legal fees, loan legal fees, valuation fees, insurance and renovation?

If you have hard time to even pay your bill now, then you should not think of buying a property.

However, you should look for ways to accumulate your saving for purchasing a house.

You may not able to buy a house here in Kuala Lumpur but you can always look for property in Selangor or other state.

If you are afford to buy a house. Then what are you waiting?

This is simply the best option to accumulate your wealth, saving and investment.