When I was a little girl, I used to stay in a landed house. We have a great and big compound to run around and it such a happy times. But, with a landed house comes with a high risk of a home break-in. We experienced twice and totally shaken with the whole experience.

With the crime rates in Malaysia become extreme especially in the city, I guess no wonder lots of people choose to stay in condominium and apartment with gated and guarded environment.

Other than security reason, the location being a pertinent consideration, high-rise living has now become the trend in land-precious city domains. There are those who prefer to live with their extended family and may go for dual key units. And some might shrink down the house size just because their children has left for studying abroad or even got married.

Let’s check out why people choose to stay in condominium or apartment.

1. Security
High-rises always come with multi-tiered security, and it gives sense of security to the owner and resident there. A resident doesn’t have to worry of house-break in and their safety when around the compound.

2. Facilities
High-rises generally will come with a few facilities to use, such as swimming pool, gym, sauna room, Jacuzzi, multipurpose hall, etc. Resident no longer needs to become a gym member of another place when it’s so convenience in their house. They also can hold a party in their compound by reserving the multipurpose hall.

3. Easy maintenance & housekeeping
A Bigger house will require lots of hours to clean and maintain the property. Just a basic sweep and mopping can be tiring. However, with just 1000sft condominium, it’s easier to clean up and maintaining it.

Newly landed houses can be extremely expensive compared to high-rises. The shift to lower price house such as high-rises is a bright move because paying RM2000++ instalment a month seem to be still within affordability compare to RM4000++ a month for a new landed houses.

5. Lower Furnishing Cost
Depending on the size of the unit, you could end up needing only a minimal furniture and furnishings. In any case, many new high-rise residences today, especially the small units, come with built-ins and even basic kitchen appliances, so you just need to move in.

Nevertheless, before you start to dispute the good and bad of living in a high-rises property, bear in mind this is just a general views, and eventually, it all comes down to our needs and lifestyle preferences.

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