Most experts predict a slower, steadier, more even “pace” this year, even as home values increase.

This doesn’t mean 2014 won’t be as good a time to buy real estate. It helps to look at the bigger picture and not get caught up in the micro stats or the latest headlines.

As you approach buying a home this year, it helps to focus on the long term by keeping the following five reasons to buy in mind.

If you’re qualified to buy a home now, and the purchase makes sense for your situation, and you’re prepared to live in that home for at least five years, there are five reasons you may be headed for a great deal:

1. Implementation of GST effective April 2015

The GST, also known as value added tax (VAT) in some countries, is a consumption tax based on value-added concept and is imposed on goods and services at level in the supply chain. When implemented, Malaysians will have to pay a 6% GST when purchasing goods or services that are standard-rated; much like 160 countries across the globe that have implemented the GST/VAT system.

After much heated debate, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill has been passed in the Parliament. Starting April 2015, Malaysians like many of their international counterparts, will have to pay the GST when consuming standard-rated goods and services.

On that note, GST will definitely affect the cost and material price. And with the rise of these alone, developer will have higher cost to build a property which will definitely increase the property price.

2. MRT Line

As we can see, MRT Line 1 started their construction around Klang Valley. In mid 2015, expected progress will be 50% and completion date will be in year 2017.

With MRT 2 line proposal approved by government, with the official station yet to officially announced, we will expected an increase of property price in these property surrounded the stations.

On the internet, many circulation about MRT Line 2 stations are being discuss and some may able to give the right propose stations.

Can you imagine, what if the MRT Line 2 stations being confirm and announce on the newspaper?

The property on those area will be immediately increase in price.

At this moment, everything still at the stage of unsure and only speculation. Because of “ unsure” the property prices at these area are still considerable cheap.

But, do your research, you might find the answer online.

3. Home Loan Interest Rates Are still Cheap

As tempting as the property market, one of the reason people still buying because home loan interest rates are considerable cheap and affordable.

With average BLR-2.20% to BLR-2.40%, 4.40% to 4.20% , And lock-in period for 3 years, home loan interest rates are affordable.

4. Buyer Market

When property market slowing down, it’s mean less property market transacted. It’s also mean that less people are looking for buying a house now.

These most probably effected by the measures implement by Bank Negara that chase away the investor and small group of house owner.

When less buyer entering the market, its mean more seller with a house.

Seller may decide to sell their house with lower price or rent it out. However, when seller choose to rent out a property, seller always have to top up the different because the instalment amount normally will be higher than the rental amount. Generally, not all seller willing to do the top up and they still want to sell.

It’s fair to say that home sellers will become increasingly desperate.

Seller who have had for sale for six months or more are starting to become in tune with the reality of the situation, so buyers can take advantage on this situation.

And negotiate for the best deal and the most important you have more to choose.

5. Bank’s Approval Still Manageable

No point buying a house if you cannot get a home loan approval right?

Many have speculate one of the reason property speculation exist is the easy approval by bank to home buyer.

Therefore, in the past Bank Negara have to step in and take control of the approval and make sure Malaysian have a healthy household ratio.

Even though, Bank Negara had implement multiple new steps to curb the home loan approval, the bank’s approval still at the stage of manageable and considering still easy for approval. As long as you have a good profile and reasonable income to serve the instalment.

But, the rumour has it there might be few changes in this coming few months by Bank Negara. You might want to buy a house before that take place.

So, what are you waiting?

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