Hi Everyone,
A happy new year and wishing you for a fantastic year! I know, I’m looking forward to that. (chuckles!!)
I love 2019! Why?
Because the stamp duty exemption in 2019 is fantastic! If you don’t know what I’m talking about.
Please head over to my article here: https://malaysiahousingloan.net/first-time-home-buyer-malaysia-2019/

Golden Period in 2019 is six months from 1st January 2019 to 30th January 2019. If you’re a first time home buyer and looking for that first home, this is your year man!
I can’t emphasize enough that this is the year of buying a new house. Why? Let me break down for you.

1. 100% Stamp duty exemption for property less than RM1million.
Let be honest, not many first-time house buyers are going to buy an over RM1 million property, so this is realistic enough for all of us.

2. The overflow of house supply in the property market.
Whether you’re looking for under construction property or completed property, both sectors are overflown with supply than demand.
And if you have learned economics in school, when supply more than demand, it’s a good thing. You’ll get a lower price when buying things compare to when demand more than supply.
Not only that the power of negotiation now lays in buyer’s hands. This is because buyers were spoilt with so many choices, they will have more power to negotiate and lower the price.
In the same time, a seller might be easier to deal with to sell the property. As some Sellers do not have a holding power to hold the property for long, they rather selling off the property as bad debt rather than servicing the bank’s installment and interest.

3. The developer agreed to provide an additional 10% discount for unsold property
For this one, we’re not sure how the developer is going to play out. Nowadays, all the developers are giving lots of discounts. I think over the history of under construction discounts, now is the highest discounts they ever offer.
But, we’re not sure how they are going to give the additional discount on top of that lucrative discounts or they just going to said the 10% is part of the lucrative cuts.
So, let’s see how the developer is going to play their games.

4. Lawyer Fees Discounts
Now, it’s an exciting year too for lawyer discounts. So, many of buyer or borrowers out there looking for a discount for their Sale and Purchase agreement quotation and Loan Agreement quotation.
By the way, if you need one, just let us know and we can request a quotation for you.
Click the link here : https://malaysiahousingloan.net/legal-fees-calculator/

So, if you’re buying under construction property, most probably the developer will pay for your Sale and Purchase Agreement ( SPA ) Legal Fees. Some will pay for loan agreement legal fees too.

Just in case if the developer doesn’t cover for your legal fees and you’re required to pay your own. Make sure you know that you’re entitled to the following automatic discount from the lawyer you’ve appointed.

Property Price : * Only for under construction property
Below RM50,000 : RM300 ( discount)
RM50,001 to RM250,000 : 25% ( discount)
RM250,001 to RM500,000 : 30%( discount)
Above RM500,001 : 35%( discount)

• Bear in mind that the discount is only on the professional lawyer fees NOT on the total bill.

So, I know some of you will ask.
How about the subsale property or completed property buying from agents or seller?

Need not to worry.

In the year 2017, there were changes in the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order.

For the sale of these properties, which do not fall under the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act, a buyer can receive up to 25% discount on conveyancing fees according to their lawyers’ discretion.

It is a boon for buyers of second-hand homes and commercial units.

So is that enough to get you excited to buy a new home?

If you’re serious about buying a house, make sure you have read my article about buying a house.
Read here: https://malaysiahousingloan.net/buying-a-house-checklist/

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Hope you have a wonderful year ahead and Happy New Year!
Have a great one!


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