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We would like to share with you “4 Easy Tips To Get Approved For A Home Loan”

Buying the right house and home are very important to every single one of us.

And thanks to google or may be our families and friends for providing the basic knowledge that we need.

But, there are also other elements you should factor into your decision making. That is Loan approval.

How to get EASY approval from the banks?

Why does bank reject my application?

These are the common questions we heard from the public.

The Answer is simple. “Understand”

Understand bank’s criteria and what the banks want from you.

Make sense right?

Banks Love Saving.

People with a lot of saving always an ideal customer to the bank.

And bank believe people with saving have less chances of defaulting.

Therefore, provide saving documents to the bank, they will love you.


Provide Accurate And Complete Documents To The Banks.

For example, if you are under employment.

Bank will need latest 3 months payslips and bank statement to show salary credited.

If now is month of October.

You need to provide September, August and July payslips.

DO NOT provide old payslips like month of April or March. Bank will need the latest document.

If you’re not able to find your latest payslip, look again and again or request from HR department.

Don’t be lazy, this extra step will expedite the process.

With a blink of eyes your loan can be easily approved!


Give Clearer Documents To The Banks.

As people say a picture paints 1000 words, by giving blur documents to the banks may create guessing game among the bank officer.

For example, if your payslips are blur, with the number “6” look like “8”. Will waste the bank staff to guess and unsure. Because, “RM6000” and “RM8000” is a huge different.

In bank perspective, everything must be justify, guessing game is not allow. Because, it’s involve a huge amount of money when giving out loan.


Print Your CCRIS before Applying For A Loan

I know some of you may not be comfortable with this idea.

Many of you will say; We do not have time to print ccris report.

Why I need to print it? Bank can retrieve the report right?

Okay, hear me out first.

As you and I know, CCRIS report is Banks “Most Important Documents”.

They will not approve a bank loan without looking at your CCRIS report. They eat and drink with these report.

Before they look at your documents, they will look at the report. If the report show poor conduct, they are not even going to look at your documents to proceed. This show how important is the report.

If the bank review it and do not satisfy with the report, they will immediately reject the application. I don’t think anyone like to be rejected by bank.

However, if you look at the report before hand, and in doubt of the conduct, you can always look for better solution earlier.

Just in case, if you still confuse, contact us and we can help you to analyse and give you the best solutions.

Let’s quickly recap the 4 EASY STEPS for getting Home Loan approved:

– Provide saving proof to the banks

– Provide accurate and complete documents

– Give clear documents to the banks.

– Print your CCRIS report before applying for a loan


Hope this article help to get your home loan process smoother.