What You Should Do If You Are PTPTN Defaulters?

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What You Should Do If You Are PTPTN Defaulters?

(PTPTN) loan in Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) has become one of the reasons loan application rejection.

We, at Malaysia Housing Loan (MHL), totally agreed with this statement. There are so many PTPTN Loan defaulters now facing the hiccups when buying a house or applying for a loan. With this issue, it might jeopardise the time frame of the loan process or even in some cases the booking fees was forfeited due to loan rejection.

Yeoh advised house buyers should take care of unpaid National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan should they wish to have a smooth mortgage application process.

For loan applicants who have failed to pay back any installments PTPTN loan, applicants are advised to negotiate with the officers and start paying back some of it to expedite their application.

What happen when you defaulted in your PTPTN Loan?

National Higher Education Fund Corporation send all the defaulters name to Bank Negara, and it was updated in Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).

CCRIS is used by all the commercial banks as a tool to evaluate borrower commitments and conduct for loan approval.
When PTPTN Loan appear in CCRIS and the conduct reflects defaulted payment, it shows a poor paymaster. Poor paymasters are always difficult to get a loan approval from the bank.

What should you do if you are one of the PTPTN defaulters?

Step 1:
Walk in and talk to National Higher Education Fund Corporation officer in charge.

Step 2:
Negotiate to pay off the loan or restructure the loan to a minimum monthly payment. You might require settling minimum fees to them.

Step 3:
Get a letter of fully paid off or restructure loan from National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

Step 4:
Keep the letter and forward to the bank when necessary.

* By providing the letter from National Higher Education Fund Corporation, some banks might consider giving approval to the applicant.

Tips: Before applying for a loan, it always wises to print your CCRIS report. So that, you are prepared to rectify the issue upfront rather than later.

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