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How To Calculate Stamp Duty

How To Calculate Stamp Duty - Stamp Duty Waiver For First-Time House Buyer Lots of people talking about buying a house. But, one thing a home buyer should know is how much the stamp duty will cost when buying a new house. Today, we're going to share the simple calculation of stamp duty [...]

Buying A Subsale House: Can you ask the seller to repair the damage?

Answer: If you're buying a subsale house, you're buying the house on an "as it where is basis" (Meaning it is based on the current state of the home). It means the house condition at the time of the sale and purchase agreement (SNP) was signed, will be the same as when handing over [...]

Stamp Duty & Legal Fees For Purchasing A House 2018

The schedule below as a reference of stamp duty and legal fees when purchasing a house. Sale And Purchase Agreement Legal Fees 2018 Latest Update - 2018 Professional Legal Fees: For The First RM500,000.00 - 1.0% (Subject to a minimum fee of RM500.00) For The Next RM500,000.00 - 0.80% For The Next RM2,000,000.00 - 0.70% For The Next [...]

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying A House

Buying a house is a decision that you need to make a great deal sense and prudence. For all the Malaysians who are considering buying a house, here are Top 10 Tips To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying A House. 1. When buying a completed or subsale house, deal directly with registered property agent [...]

3 Tips To Choose A Good SPA & Loan Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer can seem daunting if you have never done so before. If you're buying a house, then you need a Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) lawyer. So, how to choose a good and reliable lawyer to handle the property transaction and loan? The following are few helpful tips to guide you finding [...]

SOVO, SOFO & SOLO Malaysia – Commercial-titled residences – What you need to know before buying this?

Last few years property industry has changed a lot with developers keep pushing for the commercial-titled residential property like Small-offices Versatile-offices (SoVos), Small-offices Flexible-offices (SoFos), Small-offices Lifestyle-offices (SoLos), basically a designer suite or commercial office unit of residential elements. These few years, I keep asking myself why? Why the drastic change in developer focus. [...]

How can help?

What we do are provide home loan advice and essential tips before or when buying a house. When a customer comes to us, we ask them to share about their situation, and then we talk with them to explore the best advice or tips and possible solutions. "Many are not aware of their right [...]

Top Four Reasons why your home loan might be declined

You’re ready to buy a home, but you can’t find a bank who will approve your home loan. While this might seem discouraging and frustrating, it is not necessarily the end of your dream to become a home owner. Once you know the reason that you are considered a bad risk, you can improve [...]


One of the reasons why there is a delay in completion of a property transaction is... - The Property title issued and Seller yet to transfer to his/her own name. - Then, Seller sold the house to the new buyer. - Some developer might not agree to give direct transfer. - If that happen, [...]


Question: If seller not appointing any property agent, as a buyer what is the best way to pay the deposit? Answer: Appoint lawyers to collect the deposit. It's better for buyer and seller to appoint their own lawyer, 2 different lawyers. To avoid any issue or conflict of interest and to protect buyer and [...]