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www.malaysiahousingloan.com  website is a co-related website with www.malaysiahousingloan.net . We are proud to establish these 2 websites and help hundreds of house owners and new buyers to purchase their dream house and making the loan process go smoothly.

www.malaysiahousingloan.net was established in year 2010 where we decided to engage with online buyer. We understand more people are looking for information online and sometimes, what we are looking is not there. We know by putting our services online, we are not only helping us but also helping others.

While, with more than 400,000 people visited our website for last 3 years, we are truly proud to own these websites. It is a hard works and definitely a success to us. However, this success we own to our existing customers who trust us for doing our job and for our viewers out there that always giving unconditional support. Therefore, deep from our heart, “Thank you so much for all these years.”

Currently, we are aggressively covering property in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We have associate who help us to cover property in Johor and Penang. For all other states, we will go by stage. But not to worry for other states as we are still able to provide online services through emails or calls for FREE.

These 2 websites mainly maintain by me (Melissa Lee) and David Yap. We are very experience consultant in mortgage line. I had joined several banks since 2002.In year 2007, I decided to change my career to become full time mortgage consultant. I have been in these lines for about 11 years and in mortgage consultation line for about 6 years now. You can said, my whole career involve in housing loan and mortgage loan.

My partner David Yap has 10 year experiences in financial line before he seriously involve in housing loan line. In between, he joined several banks and financial firm. He becomes a mortgage consultant in year 2008. He is very passionate to help others by giving more and additional information to the customer. Because, he understands that the more knowledge he shares with customer, the less the customer will get caught in unneeded situation. When, you meet him in person, you can feel his sincerity in helping others.

By end of the day our goal is not only helping but also giving educational information to our customer, we want our customer to be smart and understand the process.

Believe me, when I said, WE ARE DIFFERENT compare to other mortgage consultant in the industry. We worked differently and we are very passionate about our works. Our advice to you will be valuable because we have all the needed experience to give you the right advice, compare to other amateur or new consultant out there. They may provide incorrect advices and direct you to the wrong path.

We understand buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life. Looking for the most suited housing loan packages was not an easy task too. It’s consumed so many of your precious time. So, why not let the expert like us handle it for you? On top of that, it is a FREE service!! YES, I repeat … it is a FREE service.

To start the communication with us, just go to our contact us form and start to key in some information and we shall come back to you as soon. Our promise is to guarantee reply all your email, make sure your email address and contact number is correct.

We hope you will subscribe to our youtube channel forlatest update  and shares our website in social media community.

We are really looking forward to talk to you guys!

Let’s start the process by filling up the contact us form. http://malaysiahousingloan.com/contact-us/

Can’t Wait, See Ya !



Melissa Lee